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Our Top Ten Tips To Make The Most Of Adelaide Fringe This Festival Season

We want to make sure locals and visitors alike are making the most of the Adelaide Fringe, so we’ve put together a list of top tips.


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Fringe season is better than Christmas. There. We said it. Everyone knows it’s true, we’re just brave enough to say it.

The festivities flood the streets of Adelaide for a whole month, which seems like a long time but goes so quickly. We want to make sure locals and visitors alike are making the most of it, so have a read below for some tips on enjoying Fringe to the fullest

1. Use your BankSA card for 25% off selected Fringe shows.

Your list of shows to see is endless. Your wallet? Not so much. Whip out your BankSA card when purchasing your tickets for select shows to score a sweet 25% off. 

Use the ‘BankSA cardholder’ price-type filter when you’re browsing shows online to see where you can use this discount.

2. Find the pop-up bars around the city.

One of our favourite things about Fringe is how every corner of the city bursts to life with pop-ups. Make an effort to visit as many as you can before they disappear (until next year, that is).

BRKLYN debuted Cheekies Hot Chicken as a pop-up this month, alongside a pop-up balcony bar featuring a full roster of events every single day of the week. Laneway destination SugaTeca is decked out with a bar, DJ booth, and dance floor. Artisans of Adelaide is a pop-up market showcasing local makers and creators all under one roof.

For more pop-up bars and events, check out our guide.

3. Seek out unique Fringe Venues.

Adelaide might seem like a fairly innocuous city from the exterior, but beneath the surface lurks a subterranean world of secrets, like the Adina Treasury Tunnels. These tunnels play host to a variety of shows throughout the Fringe, while standing pretty spectacularly on their own as a drawcard. To check out the shows playing at this venue, head over here.

Explore the many venues hosting shows during fringe here.

4. Chow down at Chow Town at the RCC.

With so much to do during Fringe, you’re bound to get hungry. Swinging by Chow Town at the RCC is sure to please any foodie, with options including pasta from Roberta’s, pizza from Antica, or hot chicken from Buk Buk.

5. Jump the queue with your BankSA card 

This hot tip speaks for itself. If you’re a BankSA Cardholder, you can flash that sweet baby and skip the queue when lining up for a show in any of the Spiegeltents in Gluttony or The Garden. Pick of the best seat in the house is all yours. 

6. Check out an immersive Fringe show or experience.

This year, there are plenty of interactive shows to keep your inquisitive mind intrigued. Why simply watch when you can get in amidst the action?

Check out our five-star rating of the Barr Smith Lawns’ Luminarium: Daedalum at RCC, a whirling colour-scape that will create a sensory visual and audio experience. Not your thing? We also have a guide to some of the other immersive and interactive shows at this year’s fringe.

7. Explore the BankSA Support Acts for $10.

Take a chance with a tenner this Fringe with BankSA Support Acts, a BankSA funded initiative that gives everyone the opportunity to buy tickets to selected shows for only $10.

These tickets are limited so book yours quick. Select the ‘BankSA Support Acts’ price-type filter when you’re browsing shows online at adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix to see which shows you can see.

8. Take a look at the 144 free shows on offer during the day.

Featuring 144 free shows, Fringe By Day is a great way to get a taste of the festival without having to face the crowds. Fringe By Day hosts family friendly and accessible shows including Tindo Utpurndee at Rymill Park, Yabarra: Dreaming in LightGiant Sing Along Daytime Karaoke and the 2020 Street Art Explosion featuring colourful and exciting artworks around Adelaide’s CBD.

The Fringe By Day guide is available online or can be picked up at Fringe box offices around the city.

9. See something different.

It can be easy to get into a routine with Fringe. Many of the award-winning shows return each year and you always make sure to see your favourite comedian, but that can mean you miss out on so many hidden gems.

With a huge number of shows on offer this year, why not take a chance and pop into a show spontaneously while walking through the Garden or peruse the BankSA Support Acts for something new. 

10. Get a group of friends together and enjoy one of the best times of the year.

You know the old saying ‘two is company, three is a crowd’? That doesn’t count during Fringe, instead, it’s ‘the more the merrier’. Sure, the Fringe is great even if you’re on your own as it’s easy to get swept along with the crowds but hanging amidst the hubbub with your favourite people can make it just that much more fun.

Grab the gang and drag ’em down to East End if you have to. The festival is here for a month, but it goes by so quickly, you’ll regret not making the most of it. 

Now, go forth and Fringe!

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