WIN A Ultimate Pedicure Package At MediPedi Nail Spa

WIN A Ultimate Pedicure Package At MediPedi Nail Spa

Summer’s here are our chipped toe-nails ain’t going to cut it in strappy sandals or at the beach! Here’s our top tips for summer toes!!


Adelaide has finally been blessed with some glorious warm weather and we are not complaining! Beach days, summer dresses and the fact that day drinking is totally an acceptable thing we are all in for.

So, despite the fact that we are stoked about this warmer weather, it does mean we need to crank up our beauty regime a little bit more…unfortunately those crusty heels and chipped toe-nails ain’t going to cut it in those strappy sandals.

To ensure you’re feet are getting that TLC we’ve got a couple of tricks handy for you.

  1. Hydrate! – use a good moisturising cream daily. Such as Callusan Urea Foams – with 3 different strengths for different foot types – Hydro, Extra & Forte.
  2. Cuticle Oils – cuticle oils to hydrate around cuticles and nails
  3. Blisters – avoid those nasty buggers! Shopping for new summer slides and strappy sandals can be a trap. Your feet swell through the day with the heat. Buy shoes at the end of the day when your feet are the biggest to ensure the best fit.
  4. Have safe Pedicures – is your Nail Spa sterile? Are they using disposable nail files, buffer blocks, cuticle sticks and are the instruments being sterilised in a bench top steam steriliser between use.
  5. Avoid Fungal Infections – Make sure you wear thongs in the showers and change rooms, and dry your feet thoroughly when you’re out in public places like the gym.
  6. Exfoliate – use a pumice stone in the shower twice a week. To keep the dry skin at bay.
  7. Wear Sunscreen – feet can get burnt to. Use a good 30 + cream all over
  8. See your Podiatrist regularly – only your Podiatrist can expertly remove your dry cracked skin and advise you on any toenails and skin concerns.

Another one of our handy tricks…the team at MediPedi. Founded by a team of podiatrist who kept seeing the negative aspects of pedicures gone wrong, they have merged the benefits of podiatry with the aesthetics of a bomb as pedi to create a one stop shop.

What a trip to MediPedi may look like?

Firstly, health fund rebates apply here (sweet!). A Medical Pedicure is round about $125 and involves seeing the Podiatrist – who will expertly be able to remove any dry skin, corns, cracked heels, cut your nails, tend to ingrown toenails and painlessly buff your nails with their water drill. Cleaning up any yellowing from old polish and removing ridging.

You will then move through to the Nail Therapist to be pampered – with your cuticles attended to, nails shaped, foot and leg massage with hydrating cream and nails polished to perfection – with your choice of gel or Dazzle Dry – amazing polish that is 6 free, air Dries hard in 5 minutes, vegan and has lasting results.

If you feel like a total pamper experience, then book for the Ultimate Pedicure – which includes the Medical Pedicure with an added foot and leg scrub. $150.

They have a range of treatments available. So take our advice and take care of your tootsies!

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