Outside The Square With Cubik Cloth

Outside The Square With Cubik Cloth

Adelaide fashion label Cubik Cloth are finding a pop-up home on Rundle Street for the summer. It’s a cutting edge addition to the already extensive offerings on the strip.


Adelaide is becoming renowned for some pretty bloody awesome designers. And this one totally rates. Glam Adelaide’s Markus Hammence sat down with Ben Rolevink to chat about his brand Cubik Cloth. Extremely hands-on and involved in every element of the creations, Ben is an unstoppable power-house designer, and his product is snatched up by the club kids, the street savvy, celebs and the rest of us eagerly. Keen for short run stores that pop-up around Adelaide’s hot shopping and fashion precincts as well as an online store, Ben is proud to deliver a limited boutique run of each style, so it really is get in before they are gone forever.

The next bricks and mortar space sees ‘Cubik’ appearing on Adelaide’s famed Rundle Street with his cutting new collection, ‘Techno City’. Cubik Cloth City Store – runs from 20 November 2016 – 8 January 2017 and is located at 233 Rundle Street (next to iconic Miss Gladys Sym Choon), Ben (a legend of a guy with enviable customer service skills) proudly is the man you meet when you enter the store, so you get to meet the designer and get first hand knowledge of his designs and styles that he present with upmost urban flair. With a strong history in fashion retail and then a major life-altering turning point in his life, Ben tells us the passionate story of Cubik Cloth…

Photo by Haley Renee

Q: What motivated you to create Cubik Cloth?
A: Having my own business in fashion is something I’ve wanted to do since starting work in the industry in 96.
I was always too busy managing in retail companies to get it happening. I then had a horrific car accident in 2009 which very nearly took my life. It changed everything including my perspective on self worth. To this day I still go to rehabilitation every week but I didn’t want that to become my life. In 2011 I thought, now’s my chance to give this a go. I couldn’t go back to any ‘normal’ type work – My physical ability wouldn’t allow it.
I needed to do something creative within my own timeframe and at my pace. This is what motivated me to start Cubik Cloth. Now, Cubik Cloth is what keeps me motivated. I can’t sit still!

Q:How involved are you in the process of the designs?
A: From its conception to its birth to hanging it on the racks.

Q:What inspires your creations?
A: I’m very influenced by my mood at the time. My tastes are quite eclectic so my inspiration changes constantly. I can get half way through putting a collection together then my mood changes because I’ve seen something else that inspires me which will take it in a completely different direction. Most of my referencing comes through electronic music, pop culture, the early 90’s rave and club scene, the 80’s and the NYC club kids.

Photo Haley Renee
Photo Haley Renee

Q:Tell us about the new collection
A: This new collection is my first 100% Australian made offering.
I’m super excited to be working with a brilliant small production company in Sydney. I’m utilising Australian fabrics also and making much smaller, more exclusive runs than previously.
I’m very proud to be able to give my customers a premium product that’s literally made on their doorsteps.
I’m talking everything down to the swing tag is now made between Adelaide and Sydney.

Q:Who are your fashions created for?
A: Fashion should be fun for everyone. My customer base is so varied between male, female, the club kids, gay, straight, the 40 year old dad who still wants to look cool when his business suit comes off etc. I like that I don’t fit in to any one category.

Q:Where is your biggest market?
A: Majority of my customers are here in Oz but I have a lot of devoted US followers – especially those crazy queens from Ru Paul’s Drag race!

Q:What was the biggest challenge you faced while getting your business off the ground?
A: Having had previous experience in the industry, I’d say physically being able to put it together after my accident.

Q:Best advice for someone starting out in the fashion business?
A: Do your homework. Get as much experience behind you as you can. Don’t rely on others for answers. Work hard. Learn from your mistakes and apply it. Above all, BE YOURSELF and never play by the rules – It’s boring 😉

Q:If you weren’t doing this career, what would your next chosen career be?
A: Something in Music or Media.

Q:Tell us 5 interesting things about yourself.
1. My eyes change colour depending on mood or how tired I am.
2. I’m the youngest of five siblings with a superstar Mum.
3. My partner and I have been together for 17 years. Hurry up Marriage Equality!
4. I’m addicted to sushi, record shopping and getting my hair cut on a weekly basis.
5. I can’t stand Coriander!

Q: And finally, what does the future see for Cubik Cloth?
A: I’d LOVE to see concept stores in other states and around the world.

Photo Haley Renee
Photo Haley Renee

Cubik Cloth City Store will be open from 20 November 2016 – 8 January 2017. Be sure to check it out at 233 Rundle Street, Adelaide or if you can’t make it in follow them on Facebook or visit their website 

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