OzAsia Festival Begins!

OzAsiaThe Adelaide Festival Centre’s OzAsia Festival was established in 2007 and is held annually in September/ October for approximately ten days. This year, it will be held from Friday 17th September to Saturday 2nd October.

There is theatre, dance, music, film, visual arts, food and design culture, presented by Australian artists who identify with Asian heritage.

Some of the highlights this year include:

Dialogue in Skin Experience the exuberant and meditative beats of acclaimed Malaysian drum group Hands Percussion. Exploring the unique dialogue between drum and drummer Artistic Director Bernard Goh, and his young team of 10 drummers present a program of energy, strength and heart.

Hamlet by William Shakespeare One of Shakespeare’s best known tragedies of revenge and intrigue is given a Korean twist.

Jump Performed by a sublime cast of gymnasts, acrobats and Tae Kwon Do masters with spot-on comic timing expect an abundance of sight gags and pratfalls that will make the whole family laugh out loud with exclamation marks!

The Moon Lantern Festival Family and friends come together to admire the beauty of the full moon and think of absent loved ones. It’s a time to celebrate and eat moon cakes together. Local Asian community groups will perform traditional and contemporary music and dance.

The Dhol Foundation The Dhol Foundation harnesses the infectious rhythms of the Punjab, unleashing a killer brand of electronic bhangra-infused funk. The extraordinary power and drive of a dhol troupe at full throttle has been said to raise the spirits of the Punjab.

Check out the website for more information:

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