OzAsia Festival Review: As If To Nothing

as-if-to-nothing-2000x640Working to a cacophony of static white noise that eventually transforms into hypnotic electronic music, the dancers of As If To Nothing show an amazing range of versatility and strength in this 75 minute performance from Hong Kong’s world renowned City Contemporary Dance Company (CDCC).

Founded by Willy Tsao in 1979, CDCC is a powerhouse of creative energy and is Asia’s foremost Dance Company. Choreographed by the legendary Tibetan born Sang JiJia (whom we interviewed recently), the Australian Premiere of As if To Nothing is his bold telling of the impermanence of memories which dissolve over time. The dancers move impeccably in time to pre-recorded projections of themselves performing the same moves days earlier, illustrating the different points of view that the observer sees despite essentially viewing the same event. It is both symbolic and metaphoric, yet poignant at the same time whilst providing a stunning visual experience against the metronome of the soundtrack.

There are ranges of emotion from gentleness, conflict, loneliness, anger, sadness, solitude and joy in this sometimes dark piece which, whether intentional or otherwise, takes the viewer on the journey with the performers without apology. It is non-stop visual stimulation throughout, and the cast display amazing agility and stamina in this masterpiece of contemporary dance.

The choreography is intricate and showcases each of the ensemble’s strengths as dancers, whilst complementing the show’s mantra overall. The opening night audience weren’t sure whether to applaud during the brief scene changes or not, likely because they were transfixed by the action on stage, but nonetheless the post-show banter was positive and sang the praises of the show.

The OzAsia Festival has achieved much in it’s 10 years, and if this is the standard on offer then things are certainly on the constant up for this celebration of all things Asian.

By Dazz Hassan


Remaining shows:

Fri 23 Sep 2016, 7:30PM

Sat 24 Sep 2016, 7:30PM

 Bookings: Book online through the OzAsia website or phone BASS on 131 246




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