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OzAsia Festival Review: Surpassing the Beeline

A glorious celebration of people, culture and connection.


Presented by Abhishek Thapar and Co-commissioned by Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam

Reviewed 29 October 2019

As you gather in the foyer of the Adelaide Festival Centre it becomes apparent that this is no ordinary show. The ushers guide everyone to the Banquet Room entrance where we are met by director Abhishek Thapar who so eloquently informs us that Surpassing the Beeline is a performance best suited to leaving your family and friends in order to meet new ones, by sitting at different tables. As we all enter the room together some brave souls wave goodbye to their loved ones and find different tables whilst others choose to stay together.

Now before I go any further, I must also mention that as you arrive at the Banquet Room the sight of gorgeously dressed tables and the smells coming from the lavish spread laid out upon them was divine. The mood lighting and soft music welcomed you in and instantly had everyone excitedly chatting about what was to come. Once at our chosen table we all introduced ourselves to one another and looked over the magnificent spread eagerly trying to figure out what each was and how the night would proceed.

Now if you’ve ever played the game If you could have anyone at your dinner party who would it be, I have a new answer for you because Asha Krishnan, Elsy Wameyo, Gabriel ‘DyspOra’ Akon, Rinku Kalsy, Vaishali Nanda and Sahil Sahniare who you want at your dinner party. They take turns, in pairs, to sit at your table, tell their story and share with you the meal/drink they have made and why. You find yourself drawn in to the lives of these six  ex-pats. Racism, culture, migration, life, relationships, dreams and goals are all topics up for discussion and, of course, food glorious food is celebrated.

I have reviewed a number of shows but none like this. I don’t say this lightly or in jest, this performance is life changing whether it be from trying new foods, considering travel or becoming aware of what a refugee camp is really like. The complexities of culture are discussed in a way that have you contemplating the world, politics and life well in to the carpark if not all the way home.

Grab your friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours to enjoy this show and be prepared to go slightly over the timeframe.

Reviewed by Tara Forbes-Godfrey

Rating out of 5: 5 A glorious celebration of people, culture and connection.

Venue: Banquet Room, Adelaide Festival Theatre

Season: Until 31 Oct 2019

Duration 1hr 25mins

Tickets: Adult $59 Concession $53

Bookings: https://www.ozasiafestival.com.au/events/surpassing-the-beeline/

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