OzAsia Interview: Meng Jing Hui- Writer/Director of Two Dogs.

OzAsia Interview: Meng Jing Hui- Writer/Director of Two Dogs.



two-dogs-company-supplied-imageThe incredibly popular Director Meng Jing Hui is back in Australia as part of OzAsia with theAustralian Premiere of his play Two Dogs. We got to fire a few questions at the avant-garde Director about his thoughts on the Festival, the play, and his return to Australia in between rehearsals. Meng has a cult following of over 2 million on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter and Facebook combined.

Tell us the idea behind Two Dogs?

“There is a book written by a French author called ‘A dog’s life’. I have two outstanding performers, who can act like human and dog. So I thought it was possible to become two dogs.”

How do you choose actors to handle your work, or what do you specifically look for?

“I choose those who are energetic/ capable and simple. They are able to control their own capabilities and appreciate their performance.

You’ve had some experience working at Melbourne’s well -regarded Malthouse Theatre, what was that like?

“The Malthouse Theatre has a dark, dignified energy – it is a peaceful and solemn place. Once the lights go on, the poetry emerges from the stage.”

If you could choose, who would you like to work with or on what production?

“I would like to direct ‘Waiting for Godot’ with 25 actresses and a sheep.”

And finally, do you enjoy Australian Food and our lifestyle?

“Yes, I like it. I like the Beijing sesame seed cake too. I have been to Australia a few times for traveling, performance and attending concerts. These experiences have given me the thought that we are living in the yellow submarine. The yellow submarine represents a dream.”

Acclaimed as the most performed drama in mainland China, Two Dogs should be on the ‘To Do’ list for this year’s amazing OzAsia Festival!

Interviewed by Dazz Hassan



Two Dogs: http://www.ozasiafestival.com.au/events/two-dogs/

Her Majesty’s Theatre

Thurs 29 Sep & Fri 30 Sep 7:30pm

Sat 1 Oct 5pm

(Mandarin with English surtitles)


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