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Palace and Nova Cinemas to Merge into the One Building

The Palace and Nova cinema complexes on Rundle Street will merge into the one building from 10 November 2016, expanding the Palace building to 12 screens.

Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas have announced that the two cinemas will merge under the one roof at their Cinema Place location.

With this comes the close of the building on Rundle St, historically referred to as the Nova Building, from November 10, 2016.

Palace Nova Cinemas have already begun working on their Eastend site, historically referred to as the Palace Building, to expand to 12-screens and then continue to enhance their offering.

It is an exciting year ahead for Palace Nova Cinemas: first with this new focus on the Eastend site; followed by the new site, currently under construction, Palace Nova Prospect.

Palace Nova Eastend itself started out as three completely separate cinemas: The Imax, Palace Cinemas and Nova Cinemas. The turn of the century saw Melbourne-based Palace Cinemas and Cinema Nova strike up a joint-venture partnership unique to South Australia: Palace Nova Cinemas, with Eastend added as an appropriate location reference. In 2009 the closed Imax building was brought into the venture; adding to the business its flagship screen ‘ExiMax’ – Adelaide’s largest screen, increasing the number of screens to 10.

After more than a decade of operating as one business, over two buildings, on opposing sides of the street, Palace Nova Eastend will merge into the one building as the brand merged all those years ago.

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