Palais Long Lunches Serving Up History On A Plate

Cath Kerry’s sold-out, long table lunch at the Riverbank Palais was the first in a series of Adelaide Festival food-lover events.


There’s nothing quite like sitting aboard a floating entertainment hub, that’s been resurrected from the ghost of the 1920s nightclub it was inspired by, at a long lunch, eating 1980’s dishes that have been created by an icon of Adelaide’s food scene.

If you can get your mouth around that (or your mind) you’ll know that it’s all the ingredients for a memorable, and delicious afternoon – and it’s what we enjoyed on Saturday. It was Cath Kerry’s long table lunch at the Riverbank Palais, and the sold out event was the first in a series of Adelaide Festival food-lover events.

The program, curated by Gill Minervini (Dark MOFO Winter Feast) with food consultant Duncan Welgemoed (Africola, Lola’s Pergola) features Cath Kerry, Mark Best, Christine Manfield, Michael Ryan, Cheong Liew and Karl Firla.

Cath Kerry’s long career in hospitality was applauded by the 200-person sell out crowd of diners, who lover hearing her speak about her time as a chef in the 80s.

Kath explained there was “an emphasis on presentation, shorter cooking times, seasonal ingredients, shorter menus written in the vernacular and the imperative to be “creative”.

Dishes from the day included watermelon ‘croutons’ with tomato & deep fried herbs, oysters on soba noodles, and lamb fillet with bagna cauda & parsley salad.

The other events in the line up are selling out quickly – so don’t be a chump and miss out. Any food lover worth their salt is on to this already! Find out all the details here.

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