Palais On Hawker To Open Brompton Tasting Rooms

Palais On Hawker To Open Brompton Tasting Rooms

The suburb of Brompton is growing, so of course it needs little neighborhood watering hole!


It all started in 2003 with a love of beer. And now the crew from Palais On Hawker are about to finally share with us a new permanent home.

Having resided just up the road alongside the crew at Pirate Life in recent months, we’re almost ready to meet Palais On Hawker, a new craft beer tasting room in Brompton to accompany the distribution side of the business.

With their motto of ‘Drink Better’ certainly resonating across the the city in recent years, and with the rapid growth in the Brompton and Bowden suburbs, the timing just seems to have come together. The tasting room are promising tasting paddles, plenty of beers on tap and we’d expect a few special events as well as things go. Watch the space.

But for the mean time, the most important thing coming up is on November 27, when the team will be hosting a party at their news tasting rooms in Brompton (on Hawker St, where else!) including an array of imported and local craft beer, the Delectaballs Food Truck to soothe the stomach, a beer garden and tuned by Donald Trumpet & Turnie Sanders (K21 and Chris Weber to those who recognise a pair of smart asses when they see them!)

Come and toast, enjoy the summer and welcome the new addition to the neighborhood. Follow the lead up to the event on Facebook for more information.

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