Paolo Sebastian releases The Starlet Collection (and yes, it’s amazing)

Couture house Paolo Sebastian tonight released the first complete look at its Spring/Summer 2019 collection, The Starlet.

Couture house Paolo Sebastian tonight released the first complete look at its Spring/Summer 2019 collection, The Starlet. The Adelaide-based couture label continues its rise as an international couture house, and (as with previous collections) the newest collection doesn’t disappoint. It’s simply stunning. Inspired by the melancholic chronicles of Hollywood’s silver screen icons, the collection is a homage to the women whose talent, ambition and resilience shaped cinema’s golden era. Creative Director and Designer Paul Vasileff said the collection which coincides with Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, would show a different aesthetic.
“Rather than following our usual fairy tale narrative, The Starlet looks at the iconic women of Hollywood like Joan Crawford and Hedy Lamarr, who not only shaped the film industry but had to overcome so much to maintain their place in Hollywood, Vasileff said. “Their rise to stardom is represented by luxurious feather and metallic accents, while their struggles to maintain fame is referenced by the muted colour palette.
“This season we’ve experimented a lot with our underpinnings and illusion lines to re-envision the iconic Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe naked dress, and to create a beautiful beading on skin effect.” The legacy of Hollywood’s leading ladies has been drawn upon as inspiration for the collection, which features couture pieces adorned with Swarovski crystals, intricate metallic thread-work, beaded tassels and Art Deco inspired geometric embroideries.
In smoky tones of blush, iris and pearl, the pieces embrace a juxtaposition of textures including slinky silk jersey, fine tulle and lush ostrich feathers. Signature fishtails are complimented with playful swing dresses, draped silhouettes and glamorous feather shawls, evoking a cinematic charm, while molten beaded tassels achieve a sultry fluidity synonymous with old Hollywood. “I want my designs to capture the imagination, as well as honour the women who shaped Hollywood.” Standout pieces include a hand-draped silk crepe gown with a dramatic cape, a Marlene Dietrich inspired crystal encrusted gown with beaded feather shawl and a cape with geometric metallic thread-work embroidery, illustrating the label’s dedication to detail in its eighteenth collection. Here are the lookbook images so you can get a better look at this stunning collection….

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