Part 2: The “Vampire Facial” Arrives In Adelaide And It’s Better Than Ever!

Part 2: The “Vampire Facial” Arrives In Adelaide And It’s Better Than Ever!

The latest version of the “vampire facial”, Factor 4, has hit Adelaide. So let us tell you what you’re in for, and how amazing the results are!


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“Sandy, Sandy! Beauty is pain!”

The words from the Grease musical flash through my head as I sit in the car, numbing cream applied, psyching myself up for my second Factor4 treatment at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine.

My first “vampire facial” treatment was uncomfortable, to say the least, but once my skin settled after a day or two, I began to see definite changes in my skin. My skin feels firmer and smoother all over. I have noticed a lightening and brightening, particularly of the pigment down the sides of my face. The scar on my chin is also lighter. My mum told me I was looking “healthy”.

Prior to my second Factor 4 Treatment, my skin feels lighter, brighter and smoother
I am noticing a lightening of pigmentation on the sides of my face

When I see Doctor Rahma Targett, she remarks on all of these things, and also points out that the pores on my nose are smaller. She is happy with the results and comments that my olive complexion suits the Factor4 treatment well. Pale, vascular skin tends to take longer to recover from the procedure.

I assume the position on the bed: lying down on my back, stress ball in each hand, trying to exhale in long, slow breaths. The needles of the dermapen puncture my skin again, feeling like a whirling piece of sandpaper. Doctor Targett’s assistant, Jayne, applies some ice to each area before it’s treated to further numb my skin. I’m pleased to notice that it doesn’t feel as painful as the first time, even though Doctor Targett tells me she is going deeper into the layers of my skin this time, to ensure even further penetration of the “liquid gold” plasma.

My cheeks and chin don’t hurt much at all, but when we get to the forehead and nose, which are closer to the bone, it becomes increasingly difficult to exhale slowly and relax without tensing up. Fortunately, the treatment doesn’t take long and the relief of the cool serum being absorbed by my skin is very welcome.

My skin recovers quickly after the second treatment and I can see results almost instantly

Afterwards, the damage from the needles is much more minimal than my first treatment. There is a tiny bit of redness and my skin feels tighter, but there’s absolutely no discomfort. The next day barely any redness remains, and the tiny bits that do are easily covered with foundation.  I think I notice a reduction in my pigmentation almost instantly, which gives me an optimistic feeling about my third and penultimate treatment.

Stay tuned to Becky’s progress through Factor4 at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine (there’s going to be 4 treatments, so 2 more stories to go).


The “Vampire Facial” Arrives In Adelaide And It’s Better Than Ever!

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