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Part Time Lover’s stylish sequel Sofia to debut on Hutt Street

Part Time Lover’s more refined sequel Sofia is set to open its doors on Hutt Street with Executive Chef Stewart Wesson at the helm.

The name Sofia means “wisdom,” from the Greek word sophos (meaning “wise), and that’s exactly what hospitality guru Joshua Baker is going to bring to his new bistro, Sofia, on Hutt Street. He’s hailing it as Part Time Lover’s more refined sequel.

Sitting at number 16 Hutt Street, Sofia is set to be a more mature, polished sibling of its renowned predecessor.

“Sofia is brought to you by the team of Part Time Lover, it’s going to be its older sibling, still fun but polished in a few more areas,” shares co-owner Joshua Barker.

Named in honour of business partner John Savva’s late mother, Sofia embodies a tribute that resonates with the entire team.

“It’s a name that honours her memory while also being a perfect fit for our vision. It ticks all the boxes and embodies everything we want this bistro to represent—there’s a lot of heart and soul behind it,” Joshua says.

That refined energy will be clear in the menu created by Executive Chef Stewart Wesson.

“We’re playing into the whole ‘older sibling of PTL’ concept,” he shares, outlining a taste of the menu which will celebrate the influences of the partnership group. It brings to mind a summer’s day, sipping on an Aperol spritz, savouring a plate of salami. “There are many elements at play here, but It’s always got to taste good at the end of the day,” Stewart says.

The menu has been meticulously crafted to reflect a balance between accessibility and innovation. Small plates featuring marinated olives and custom-made Sofia Sopressa (crafted with secret spices), paired with hand-made fermented flatbreads which they want to be a hero dish, all pay homage to simplicity.

Diners are encouraged to curate their own dining experience, selecting from a diverse array of dishes to create a shared meal. “We’re all about bringing people together around a table, sharing a variety of dishes, starting with some freshly baked flatbread, and selecting 3-4 plates to kick off the meal,” he says.

“Our extensive smalls menu—around 25 items—puts the choice back in the customer’s hands. No more repetitive set menus. We want our customers to try new things and have unique experiences every time they visit.”

Central to Sofia’s narrative is the custom-built wood oven coming from Perth, a showpiece that’s set to have an influence over almost every dish that comes out of the kitchen.

“Most things on the menu will be touched by this special oven in some way,” Stewart explains, highlighting the versatility and flavour-enhancing capabilities of this centrepiece.

From protein-heavy main courses to a selection of sides, each dish is thoughtfully curated. “From the oven, expect protein-heavy mains like juicy steaks or whole sides of fish. Picture a table filled with shared plates, where you can dig in with your hands and enjoy a standout main dish,” he says.

“It’s all simple but perfect.” Stewart emphasises the focus on quality ingredients which make all the difference. The team at Sofia are investing time in sourcing high-quality produce and premium oils to enhance the flavour of its simpler dishes. While Part Time Lover uses various techniques, herbs, and chili, at Sofia, they’ll aim to elevate flavours through thoughtful marination and technique.

“Our approach may appear simple, but rest assured, it will deliver a punch of flavour,” he says.

The design of Sofia’s got Sans-Arc Studio’s Matiya Marovich’s creative magic woven throughout. Matiya has been in charge of Architectural hospitality icons which have popped-up all throughout Adelaide, including Pink Moon Saloon, Alfred’s, Whistle & Flute, and more.

“It embodies his vibe—I mean, I can’t quite put it into words, but it’s just really fucking cool.”

As Sofia prepares to open its doors, the team behind it is driven by a profound commitment to community engagement. Amidst the challenges facing the hospitality industry, Joshua never wavers in his vision to bring Adelaide another iconic venue.

“In today’s world, amidst the incredible operators and the abundance of amazing produce and wine we have here in South Australia, those who put their heart and soul into it will thrive,” he says.

“We’re really excited about the future and we really love Hutt Street, it’s been a big connector for us for number of years. There’s a lot of good things going on there and we want to add more flavour on top of that to help the street flourish.”

Sofia will be situated at the northern end, eastern side, and right at the start of Hutt Street—it’s a prime location. The venue will offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Monday to Friday, with all-day dining on Saturdays and Sundays.

“Our goal is to create a destination where people can gather—a vibrant bistro perfect for hanging out with friends and family,” Joshua says.

Where: 16 Hutt Street, Adelaide

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