Pay-it-forward initiative for frontline workers spreads amongst hospo venues

To show their support to those doing it extra tough, hospitality venues are hopping on board with a new Hospo For Health pay-it-forward initiative.

While COVID-19 wreaks havoc particularly for our frontline and hospitality workers, there’s something special spreading amongst the community.

To show their support to those doing it extra tough, hospitality venues are hopping on board with a new Hospo For Health initiative, that shows their support in this difficult time.

The initiative involves the venue offering Hospo Health vouchers, which customers purchase and can either pass on to frontline workers themselves or the venue itself can distribute.

Nurses, doctors, ambos and others that need support and appreciation are able to grab a meal and a fresh coffee thanks to the generosity of the community getting involved.

The initiative not only supports frontline workers, but also the hospitality industry who are struggling amongst capacity restrictions, workers in isolation and food supply shortages.

A venue who has recently jumped on board with this initiative is The Duke of Brunswick Hotel in the city.

The Duke of Brunswick Hotel publican, Simone Douglas, says since they launched the vouchers about a week ago, there’s been a really positive response from the community.

“The biggest thing is the fact that people can do something to help,” Simone said.

“We’ve seen so many business closures and it really is crunch time.

“Sometimes it’s nice to have an empowering good news story when drowning in the COVID stuff.”

The idea for the initiative came from CBD business BNI which is a global business networking organisation. Their aim is to help people grow their businesses through their commitment to a principal core value – givers gain.

With the Hospo Health vouchers, each venue involved organises the donations internally and can distribute it how they like. The word is spreading amongst the hospitality community as more business get involved.

It keeps the tills ringing all while supporting emergency services. The Duke of Brunswick Hotel has seen people use the vouchers in a number of ways.

They can donate online through a pay pal system or purchase vouchers in the venue itself where they can decide where it goes or leave it to the hotel to distribute.

One stand out incident was a PCR tester visiting the venue in between a shift. The staff insisted the meal was on them, and being so heart felt from the gesture, the man then paid his meal forward for the next frontline worker to enjoy. It’s a domino effect from the heart.

Simone said, already, The Duke of Brunswick Hotel has received $700 in just the pay-it-forward domain.

“People are donating about $50 each on average,” she said.

“We’re in talks with ambos and nurses on the best way to distribute the funds and we’re hoping to drop off the first round of vouchers on Friday afternoon.

“We really want as many people to get on board as possible and for venues to let their costumers know they’re a participating venue.

“Nurses and ambos are pulling long hours, and this is a small thing we can do to say thank you and share the love.”

To find out more about the initiative and to donate, visit The Duke of Brunswick Hotel’s website.

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