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Pearla Tuck Shop serves gourmet bagels from a trailer in Port Elliot

Say g’day to Pearla Tuck Shop – a pop up bagelry in Port Elliot serving up specialty coffee, gourmet bagels and a real good time.

All images: Pearla Tuck Shop

Say g’day to Pearla Tuck Shop – a pop up bagelry serving up specialty coffee, gourmet bagels and a real good time.

Located in Port Elliot, Pearla Tuck Shop launched in early 2021 as the love-child of three hospitality enthusiasts: Nick Newland, Leila Masini and Patrice Robertson.

With each having over 10 years of industry experience, Nick, Leila and Patrice joined forces to combine their knowledge and achieve their dream of creating a niche tuck shop.

“The idea to work together was hatched a few years ago and we were initially looking at opening a café,” Nick said.

“This was pre-global pandemic, so we had to readjust our vision and figured that the food truck industry would be the perfect fit for us.

“Our first event was the Easter long weekend of 2021. We operated out of a marquee to begin with as it was important for us to test our product before diving in too deep financially.

“The response was overwhelming, so we designed a custom built food trailer which we’ve been operating from for the past 6 months.”

The trio have a strong belief that eating out means enjoying a meal you can’t make at home and that coffee is certainly not just coffee.

Pearla Tuck Shop currently offers specialty bagels made fresh using local suppliers. There’s the Fried As with eggs, bacon, cheese and chilli jam; Buffalo Bill with cauliflower, onion and ranch; and Lovapav which is a French toast bagel with berry compote and passionfruit ricotta.

“Our menu is constantly changing but we have had a few standout items – our take on a banh mi with haloumi, aptly named Halou(banh)mi and the Mac Daddy,” Leila said.

Halou(banh)mi also comes with pickled carrot and mushroom pâté, while the Mac Daddy is filled with macaroni, a three-cheese sauce, pancetta and chilli jam.

“We currently focus on gourmet sourdough bagels and specialty coffee, but we have structured the business in a way that allows us to change up what we offer and cater to different events while continuing to challenge ourselves creatively,” Leila said.

Pearla Tuck Shop does catering which offers a range of services to provide for your event, whether it’s for a party, wedding, or office function.

“We recently cooked a Latin American feast for De Groot’s staff party and we’re happy to cater any other desired cuisines,” Leila said.

Environmental awareness is at the for front for the trio. They aim to reduce their footprint as much as possible working with eco-friendly companies to ensure their packaging is entirely recyclable or compostable in residential bins.

Patrice said there’s real cool things to come for Pearla Tuck Shop.

“Being newbies, we’re currently focussed on gaining as much experience as possible but we’re working on some exciting things behind the scenes – a keep-your-eyes-peeled sort of scenario,” Patrice said.

“At the moment, we are located in Port Elliot, trading until the end of January out the front of De Groot Coffee Co at Factory 9.

“We’ve got a few events in the works, a couple of local breweries in February, such as Shapeshifter Brewery and the Wheatsheaf, and we’ll be hitting WOMADelaide in March.

“We want people coming to Pearla Tuck Shop to enjoy quality, a memorable experience, a good tucker and a good cuppa – simple!”

Next time you’re hitting the road down to the pristine Port Elliot coast, stop by Pearla Tuck Shop for a bloody good bagel and an even better time.

Pearla Tuck Shop is located at Port Elliot out the front of De Groot Coffee Co.

You can keep up to date with Pearla Tuck Shop on Facebook, Instagram and on their website.

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