Peel Street To Close To Traffic From Thursday To Monday

Peel Street To Close To Traffic From Thursday To Monday

But what does this mean for pick ups by Uber Eats?

When Leigh Street closed to traffic it made a lot of sense. Seating from the eateries could spill out over those magnificent cobblestones and people could treat the street as a thoroughfare without worry.

So it only seems natural that Peel Street should be afforded the same treatment. Though sans cobblestones, there’s not a single laneway in Adelaide which has benefited more from the small bars and restaurant evolution, and its narrow street is arguably more trafficked on weekends than it’s wider neighbour.

Beginning tonight, a 3 month trial will come into place for the summer months, allowing Peel Street traders to expand their outdoor dining from 10am each Thursday until 6am the following Monday. Now, this sounds like a wonderful idea and undoubtedly it will be of great benefit to those night owls who appreciate a 2am martini in the cool evening summer air.

But what about the Uber Eats?! If we want our Bread & Bone delivered to us on a Saturday night, where will our driver be able to make the pick up from? And what about staff parking? These are some practical questions which will undoubtedly be nutted out over the coming months, but for the mean time we can rejoice in the idea that another entire street will be wholly dedicated to the people. And food. And drink. So all the things this city loves.

Good on your Adelaide, you progressive city you.

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