Peel Streets Newest Bar Brings Therapy In Cocktails

Peel Streets Newest Bar Brings Therapy In Cocktails

Peel Street latest venue heads underground for a little therapy in the form of delicious cocktails.


Peel Street has managed to cram yet another fantastic venue into its little inner city hub of awesome. How did they manage it? Well, it’s part magic and part taking it underground that helps. Wander down the staircase and step back in time, to an era where the glamour was profound and cocktails were strong.

Therapy Cocktail Bar is the latest venue to hit Peel Street and after a long week, we could all do with some therapy. And let’s be honest cocktails are always the best kind. If your night’s plan was to curl up on the couch and watch Netflix then stop. Get off the couch you’re going out tonight.

Open the cocktail menu and you’ll find over a hundred delicious cocktails. Sip your way through the classics and the new takes on them, like the ‘Smoked Rosemary Martini’ or the ‘Passionfruit Caiprioska’. They’re all about keeping it real, using fresh juices, house made syrups and house dehydrated fruits. There’s also local wines and an ever-evolving range of craft beers. So we all can be satisfied.

With so many cocktails to choose from, you’d think it would be hard to choose. But, browsing through is a breeze with everything categorised by spirit. So, if you know the tipple of your fancy picking is a stress-free process. Of course, you can always opt for the “make me something good” option. Typically this is not something your bartender likes hearing, but at Therapy, they love a little challenge and will do a damn good job of impressing us.

And as you try to make your way through the entire beverage selection (not recommended by health professionals) make sure you soak some of it up with one of their cheese and charcuterie platters and it’s all local produce. You can’t go wrong.

The weekend is going to be a hot one so escape the Summery nights and head to Therapy Cocktail Lounge.




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