Performance Review: Hans – One Night Stand

Performance Review: Hans – One Night Stand

When the publicity notes says he wears ‘more eyeliner than Cleopatra and creates more drama than the Real Housewives’, then you’d better believe it!


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Reviewed:   4 September 2015

When the publicity notes says he wears ‘more eyeliner than Cleopatra and creates more drama than theScreen Shot 2015-09-06 at 3.32.56 pm
Real Housewives’, then you’d better believe it.  I’m talking about Hans – the German superstar performer and alter ego of multi-talented entertainer Matt Gilbertson.  Established as a firm favourite in venues around the country, Hans delights in presenting an evening of raucous and wicked fun.  The more delicate audience member may be stunned by his ways but they are never less than entertaining.

As part of his ‘World Tour’, taking in such far-flung places as Marion, Port Noarlunga and Hilton on Sir Donald Bradman Drive, his latest extravaganza is worth checking out.  Taking my seat at the Marion Cultural Centre for last night’s show, I was expecting an evening of naughty behaviour and adult moments – and that was just from the audience!  Walking onto the stage wearing a sparkly glitter outfit, Hans immediately caught attention.  That’s the whole idea as Hans is clearly a high maintenance individual.  It’s easy giving attention to Gilbertson’s beguiling creation who conveyed the confidence of a seasoned performer.  With legs reminiscent of those Ginger Rogers used to sashay across the dance-floor in multiple movies, Hans proved to be an energetic host of his own party.

Singing well-known tunes with the aid of a tight 4 piece band and his trusty Accordion, Hans effectively milked the humour from the song’s lyrics with tunes such as ‘Summer Nights’, ‘Locomotion’ and even a wickedly localised version of the Petula Clark standard ‘Downtown’ receiving an airing.  In between he moved around the cabaret-style table setting where the crowd lapped up his caustic wit.  Everyone was there to have a great time and Hans ensured they did.  All joined in the spirit of the night with an impromptu dance contest and constant audience engagement high on the menu.  This proved why Gilbertson has created such a good stage persona, as not many performers can truly engage with their audience.

The laughs came thick and fast with Gilbertson’s musical talents shining.  Caressing the keys to a keyboard like Liberace in his prime plus his slinky Accordion moves magnified his skills.  Whilst his backing band was generally great, occasionally the acoustics drowned out some of Hans’ banter.  Some technical issues didn’t help either but everyone’s professionalism and determination to create a fun atmosphere was evident.  Mention must go to the two female dancers dubbed ‘The Lucky Bitches’ whom Hans used to great effect as they changed costumes as much as he did – but never looking quite as lovely!

Hans – One Night Stand was a lot of fun, full of camp outrageous humour done well.  Matt Gilbertson deserves much praise for the work gone in providing an energetic and consistently fabulous time – whilst showing audiences how eyeliner should be worn!

Reviewed by: Patrick Moore
Twitter: @PatrickMoore14

Venue: Marion Cultural Centre
Season:  4 September 2015
Duration: 2 hrs.
Tickets: General $30.00, Concession $25
Bookings: Book online through the Marion Cultural Centre website or phone the centre on 8375 6855

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