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Philippou brothers return to Adelaide to film new film “Bring Her Back” after international success

Adelaide-born twin filmmakers, the Philippou brothers, return to shoot their highly anticipated second film “Bring Her Back,” following their global hit “Talk to Me.”

Photo L-R: SAFC CEO Kate Croser, Michael Philippou, Danny Philippou, SA Arts Minister Andrea Michaels, Samantha Jennings at SAFC headquarters. Photo credit Naomi Jellicoe

Danny and Michael Philippou, the film making twins from Adelaide originally celebrated for their YouTube channel, have returned to their hometown to produce their second feature film, “Bring Her Back.” This project follows the success of their debut film, “Talk to Me,” which gained international recognition and commercial success.

“Bring Her Her Back” boasts a collaboration with renowned producers Samantha Jennings and Kristina Ceyton of Causeway Films, and like their first film, will be distributed globally by A24 entertainment company.

Cast announced include two-time Academy Award nominee Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water), Billy Barratt(Responsible Child, Kraven the Hunter), Jonah Wren-Phillips (Sweet Tooth), Sally-Anne Upton (Wentworth), Stephen Phillips (The Leftovers) and newcomer Sora Wong.

“Bring Her Back” is picking up where “Talk to Me” left off, which premiered internationally at the Sundance Film Festival in 2023 after debuting at the Adelaide Film Festival the previous year. Proceeding its critical success and public appeal, “Talk to Me” was not only picked up by A24 but also became the highest-grossing horror film for the company, accumulating over $140 million worldwide. A sequel is already in the works due to its overwhelming success.

Minister for the Arts Andrea Michaels said, “It’s fantastic to welcome Danny and Michael back to Adelaide to shoot their second film. These two are enormously talented and a credit to South Australia. Talk to Me has been a huge success globally and I can’t wait to see Bring Her Back get underway and showcase South Australia to the world. The Malinauskas Government is committed to supporting South Australia’s film industry, which is absolutely thriving at the moment with so many exciting projects underway.”

Kate Croser, CEO of the South Australian Film Corporation, also reflected on the significance of their return, appreciating their choice to film in Adelaide. “The SAFC is so proud to have played a supporting role in Danny and Michael Philippou’s meteoric rise to success, and we are thrilled that they have chosen to bring their next feature film back home to South Australia and Adelaide Studios.

Talk to Me, which was filmed in Adelaide with funding from both the SAFC and Adelaide Film Festival, has firmly established the Philippou brothers as two of the brightest and most exciting rising screen industry stars anywhere in the world, and with them a host of incredibly talented South Australian creatives and crew.

“We are delighted to support Bring Her Back, which will once again showcase South Australian screen industry talent, locations and capability on an international stage.”

Danny and Michael Philippou conveyed their gratitude and excitement about filming in Adelaide. “We love that we get to be in Adelaide to make our next film, we feel so at home here – it’s where we feel most comfortable and inspired, and we want to be making movies here for a long time. The support of local crew is crucial to what we do, and we’re extremely grateful to the SAFC.” they stated.

“Bring Her Back” is produced in partnership by Causeway Films and RackaRacka, with Salmira Productions, and support from the South Australian Film Corporation. The project continues to promise potential international acclaim with its compelling narrative and star-studded cast.

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