Photo Gallery: Well Made Launches In Style At The Lush Hennessy Bar

But what is Well Made? Find out here…

When we were first invited to the launch of Well Made, an exciting curated online art platform, we weren’t sure what to expect. At that stage it was all hush hush but considering the launch was being hosted at Hennessy Bar, we knew it could only be pure amazingness. And we weren’t wrong…

Amongst the glitz and glam (and choux bun swans…) of the stunning bar atop the Mayfair Hotel’s roof, we discovered all about Well Made, an online directory set up by Guildhouse and backed by the SA Government to support SA’s best creative minds to showcase their talents. The website features the very best of local artists and on it, people can find out what’s going on around Adelaide in whatever art form takes their fancy. Find a unique gift from a local artist or discover a new gallery or creative space to visit. All works featured on the Well Made site are handpicked by a Curator so you can be certain that only the best are promoted.

Guildhouse Executive Director Rae O’Connell said Well Made was a marketing and promotional tool that provided easy broker services between creative practitioners and those seeking high quality, creative work.

“Well Made aims to increase sales for artists as well as the commissioning of new work by members of the public and the commercial sector. If you are looking for something special, a new coffee table, a special present, a unique piece of jewellery or a new table setting this is where you will find the State’s best. Well Made allows buyers looking for unique work to purchase or commission it directly from creative professionals or creative spaces. It will also support commissions for public artworks, interior design, creative workshops and services,” Ms O’Connell said.

While the initiative is new and some of the artists are emerging, the support is huge and when you have a fan in the Premier Jay Weatherill, you know you’re going to be just fine. It’s how we shop for art and find out about the up and coming creative geniuses in 2016. Whether you’re an artist, creative space, art supporter or consumer, Well Made has something for everyone. Check them out at

Hennessy Bar Hennessy Bar Hennessy Bar Hennessy Bar Hennessy Bar Hennessy Bar

Photos by Matt Graham.

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