Photo Gallery: WOMADelaide 2016 Day Two

The fun continued into the second day of the World’s Festival and we have the photographic evidence…

After an epic opening afternoon/night, WOMADelaide 2016 kicked off its first full day of action on Saturday 12 March. More than just an eclectic and powerful range of music, people could also get amongst markets, the giant Stonehenge and plenty of amazing food.

Check out all of the Day Two action captured by John Kol.womad2016day27340 womad2016day27348 womad2016day27385 womad2016day27389 womad2016day27391 womad2016day27394 womad2016day27396 womad2016day27405 womad2016day27452 womad2016day27460 womad2016day27473 womad2016day27474 womad2016day27504 womad2016day27506 womad2016day27521 womad2016day29486 womad2016day29500 womad2016day29539 womad2016day29546 womad2016day29548 womad2016day29571 womad2016day29591 womad2016day33268 womad2016day33274 womad2016day33276 womad2016day33284 womad2016day33297 womad2016day33303 womad2016day33305 womad2016day33311 womad2016day33319 womad2016day33322 womad2016day33332 womad2016day33334 womad2016day33353 womad2016day33363 womad2016day33370 womad2016day33382 womad2016day33385 womad2016day33406 womad2016day33411 womad2016day33412 womad2016day33418 womad2016day33426 womad2016day33430 womad2016day33433 womad2016day33434 womad2016day33437


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