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Picky Eaters Rejoice! Building Your Own Burger AND Espresso Martini Is Here

This Adelaide restaurant have heard, and they have listened, and not only do they allow you to build your own burger, but they also allow you to build your own espresso martini!

I have a secret, Adelaide. It’s a deep, dark secret and I’m ashamed every time it is accidentally revealed… I am a picky eater. Yes, it’s true – every time a friend suggests a new restaurant to go to, I’ll check out the menu beforehand, ensuring there’s something I can actually eat. If there’s no menu online? I won’t go there – simple.

Even if I do manage to find a restaurant that has something on the menu my palate could possibly stand, I include and exclude ingredients like they’re going out of fashion. Tomato on my burger? No, thanks. Beef ravioli? Let’s swap that to spinach and ricotta ravioli, thank you very much. You think you’re putting gravy on my schnitzel? No sir, I’ll be having that bad boy on the side.

That’s why I’m beyond excited anytime I find a restaurant that understands us, the picky eaters of Adelaide and has ‘build your own’ options. The Mile End Hotel have heard, and they have listened, and not only do they allow you to build your own burger, but they also allow you to build your own espresso martini!

Who doesn’t love a burger? Biting into that juicy patty, the crunch of the greens, the melted cheese oozing in your mouth… ugh, it’s enough to make us cry. What’s even better than regular burgers, is being able to select all your favourite parts of a burger and making it into one big, personalised, delicious, burger meal.

So, here’s how this meal from the Gods works:

Pick your burger

As you settle down at your table, contentedly looking at the menu, you’ll be able to pick out of four base burger types – The Chef’s Burger, Californian Cheeseburger, Mexican Burger, or the Texas Double Bacon Burger. Each burger offers something wildly different: from tomato chutney, beetroot and an egg, to wood smoked bacon, onion rings and smoky bourbon BBQ sauce.

Pick your protein

Then, choose your protein, whether you’re a meat-lover or love yourself some alternative proteins, there’s something for you! Choose from an angus beef burger patty, grilled chicken, 12 hr pulled pork, grilled haloumi or southern fried chicken tenders. Are you ‘bulking’ (or just super hungry)? You also have the choice of adding EXTRA protein to your heavenly burgz.

Add some extras

Make your burger a million times better by adding some of your faves from their extras menu. Caramelised onion? They got that. Extra cheese or bacon? No probs. Guac? Si, señor!

Then wait in anticipation as your burgers are prepared and delivered to your table, as fresh as fresh can be. With a side of chips, you’re going to be going home with your fly undone and immediately change into your stretchiest pants!

Now, we know you’re already drooling, but we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t stop there! Oh no, you can even build your own espresso martini! With flavours such as white chocolate, macadamia nut, gingerbread, butterscotch, amaretto, chocolate, tiramisu and caramel, you’d expect these marvels to be upwards of $20. Fortunately, The Mile End have done us a favour and kept the price at a measly $12 (does this mean we can have twice as many?).

Whether you’re a picky eater, love adding to your burger until it’s the length of your arm, or simply want to try something a li’l different, it sounds like your weekend is sorted with The Mile End.


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