Pimmalade Is An Adelaide-Made Pimms & Ginger Ale Spread For Your Toast

Love Pimms? Here’s a new way to start your day.


The clever folks over at Fiaje have done it once again. After knocking our socks off with their brilliant Gin & Tonic Lime Marmalade, which just won gold in the 2019 Australian Marmalade Awards, the Adelaide-based small batch producers have also released a spread which shines with the taste of Summer.

Meet Pimmalade. It’s A fantastic combination of Pimms with with the tangy citrus flavours of a marmalade and Ginger Ale.

Retailing for $8.00 online, it seems to be the perfect combo of breakfast spread and happiness, reminding us that there’s pretty much nothing more refreshing than a Pimms & Ginger Ale on a hot Summer’s day (which reminds me, can we buy tickets to the cricket yet?)

Relive your favourite Pimms moments when it’s cold and a bit wooly outside by lathering up a piece of toast with Pimmalade, or celebrate the start of the warmer months, with this festive spread.

As a simple spread, it is fantastic on a hot piece of toast or English muffin with lashings of butter. 

Shop Pimmalade and Fiaje’s other amazing spreads here: https://fiaje.com.au/collections/all-products/products/pimmalade

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