Pink Gin – The Summer Cocktail Wagon To Hop On

If summer had a flavour, this would be it. So why is pink gin is the hottest trend of 2019?

Whilst we’ve come a long way (couple hundred years) from using gin & tonic’s as an antimalarial, they’re still our summer drink of choice, mozzies disregarded. In 2019 though, it’s gotten a facelift with your g&t’s sweetened up with Pink Gin. So what makes pink gin different? We had to touch base with an expert on all things spirits before we gave you an answer. That expert being, Rowland Short, the brains and hands behind Settlers Artisan Spirits’ delicate Pink Gin. Distilled in the beautiful South Australian wine region of McLaren Vale, Settlers Spirits’ Pink Gin is 100% hand-made, and uses the finest grapes, botanicals, and raspberries steeped in the steam vapour distillation process – giving the gin its vibrant pink colour. Rowland’s passion for botany has seen him collect and curate specimens from his maritime travels. His hobbies as a master mariner and his expertise in the distillation craft means that the gin presents an interesting mix of flavours – think Turkish delight, with bursts of aromatic rose petals and raspberries, finishing with a crisp acidity on the palate. The next hot day that rolls around, try your gin and tonic pinked, garnished with strawberry, mint leaf and a slice of lemon. And in case you need a good excuse to splurge on alcohol, part of the proceeds from Settlers Spirits Pink Gin goes towards breast cancer research. You can enjoy Settlers Pink Gin in a personal experience at their newly refurbished cellar door at their 197 Foggo Rd, McLaren Vale locale, amongst the Gum trees in true Aussie style, a mere 45 minute drive from the Adelaide CBD.

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