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Pink Moon Saloon, Coming To An Alley Way Soon

Alley way schmalley way – the boys behind the Pink Moon Saloon are doing amazing things with a 4 metre wide space between two buildings on Leigh Street

Photo above :L – R: Crispian Fielke, Marshall King, Dana Whyte, Matthew Standen, Josh Baker. Photo Credit: Ben Mcgee

The location, Leigh Street, the destination, Pink Moon Saloon, the mission, to find out as much as we can about the soon to be open Pink Moon Saloon.

Glam Adelaide got the latest on the soon to be open (November hopefully) bar Pink Moon Saloon. After speaking to Marshall we have to say, we are beyond excited to see how this one turns out.

So basically, along with the boys behind Clever Little Tailor on Peel St (Josh Baker, Crispian Fielke and Dana Whyte), Marshall and Chef Matt Standen have gone out on their virgin bar opening venture. With all of that experience under their stylish belts, we have no doubt that they will produce something outstanding, and we wanted to know more about what we can expect from Pink Moon Saloon.

Marshall admits that the space they took on for this venture was essentially a bin alley (inviting…), however, having used all of the skill of Matiya Marovich from Sans-Arc Studio who provided the team with a beautiful and unique approach on transforming the space, this bar will offer a new concept to Adelaide…

Where there was once no buildings, now stand two timber cabins at either end of the alley. High pitched roofs, bright and all together unpretentious, think mountain cabin. Trendy mountain cabin. One will serve drinks and the other food, incorporating an open kitchen. The space, split by an outdoor area, will have an, “undercurrent of seriousness that speaks to more familiar bar motifs, and hopefully to longevity – timber, stone, and leather,” says Marshall.

pink moon progress

We actually stumbled across this a few months ago and now we know it is Pink Moon Saloon!

More than just ‘a big night out’ (although Marshall says they will still definitely do those too!) Pink Moon will be all about cultivating community. A community who loves drinking, I think we will fit right in. It will be the kind of place that you hang out at several times a week and the bartenders will know your name (or at the very least, your drink order).

“There are thousands of bars in the world – it’s making it warm and personal, human, that is the core challenge.”

At a bar you drink, so let’s get to the good stuff – the drinks menu! The appropriately christened ‘Drinker’s Cabin’ will serve up a bevy of the latest independent brews, of which the boys are lining up as we speak. Although the boys have a strong love for whiskey, they realise it may not be to everyone’s taste, so there will be plenty of delicious options available:

“A fresh, seasonal cocktail list, a reasonably tight but dynamic wine list and as many of our favourite spirits as we can pack into the small space…”

Well hello there, we might just come and see you all of the time. With no plans to focus on a specific region, the menu just simply aims to be ‘yum’. We can cope with that! With all the cool stuff happening in Australia at the moment in terms of alcohol, the boys will lean towards attempting to stock as many Aussie products as possible.

Where there is alcohol we always say, there should be food. And food there shall be! Now Marshall wouldn’t give much away when it came to the menu, but we did manage to wrangle a few sneaky details out of him…

The menu will exist to compliment the rollicking bar experience that they will be doing their darnedest to give you (sounds like it will be easy as pie for these guys). We think that is is a million times annoying to be at a bar, having a great time, only to realise you are hungry and there is nothing substantial to eat. You have to leave and go and get dinner somewhere… What a mood killer.

Well, at Pink Moon Saloon this should never be an issue because they are working on the idea that when you are having a great time at a bar, you don’t need to leave for dinner. Clever, clever. Matty the Chef will be serving up slow cooked and smoked meats from a wood oven plus some other tasty small plates and fresh snack options to compliment. More than enough to stay and keep the drinks flowing and the party going.

Appealing to the Leigh Street and surrounding work crowd, they are also planning on doing nice casual lunches. It is at this point that they will introduce some delicious sandwiches using the slow cooked and smoked meats mentioned above.

“…the signature Pink Moon Club Sandwich, I am particularly looking forward to that one!”

Speaking of Leigh Street, it is a buzzing little hub of bars and restaurants and we wanted to know why they choose this for the location of their first ever ‘barventure’…

The boys love the whole West End precinct so much that they say Leigh Street was basically a no brainer. When they were offered the opportunity to have the space, they couldn’t think of a better more alive area of Adelaide that they would rather set up their concept.

And although they have no plans of opening more bars down the track (hey, they just want to get this one off the runway first), we have no doubt that whatever this team choose to do, they will make a massive success of it. And when they do they will all retire to the Bahamas to run a lemonade stand (that was meant to be a secret, whoops)!

Keep your ears to the ground, we will keep you posted as this place sets to launch!

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