Pippa Wanganeen signs with Adelaide talent agency, The Models

Adelaide sweetheart Pippa Wanganeen signs with The Models

Founded by friends Rebecca Lawrence and Letitia Fitzpatrick, The Models is a South Australian modelling agency born from a desire to see change within the local fashion industry.

Established in Adelaide in January 2018, The Models is run by former models, for models, with models. They work on major fashion campaigns, as well as acting as talent management for some of Adelaide’s biggest names.

And they do all of this with a kind of progressive integrity rarely seen in the fashion industry — supporting their clients to maintain healthy lifestyles and ensuring they’re never exploited for their time.

It’s an approach Pippa and Gavin Wanganeen could get behind, which is why they’ve recently signed with The Models to help them run their hectic schedules and manage opportunities for the Adelaide star couple.

Pippa and her husband Gavin certainly aren’t strangers to the spotlight. Gavin was famously an AFL superstar, and Pippa has spent much of her adult life as a model and public figure.

But with four young kids in tow (the youngest, Plum, isn’t even a year old) the couple needed a hand with managing the opportunities, admin and communications that come with living in the limelight.

Pippa hates the word influencer. “It’s so overused,” she tells Glam Adelaide “I’ve never seen myself as an influencer, but I guess I am one.”

She thinks of herself more as a content creator, saying, “it’s because that’s what I do: model and create beautiful content.” She does this alongside her beautiful family.

Pippa and Gavin have always managed their own personal brands, and Gavin’s art brand – Gavin Wanganeen Art. But now, says Pippa, “having all that and these four children, there was so much going on.”

The couple started hearing really great things around town about The Models, Pippa tells Glam Adelaide.

“I heard about them [The Models] and loved the idea of these two gorgeous girls who used to work as models themselves, so they get it from a talent point of view, but also get the business side of things. They just really aligned with that we were doing with content creation.”

Pippa said she felt like The Models would really have her back. And so the partnership was born.

The Models are, understandably, thrilled to have Pippa and her family on board. And we can’t wait to see what amazing content they create together.

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