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Pirate Life Brewing launches new kitchen and mouth-watering menu

The state-of-the-art kitchen development is in its final stages of completion and is set to bolster Port Adelaide’s dynamic hospitality scene.

Image credit: Pirate Life Brewing

They’re known for their bloody good booze and frothy craft beers, but soon you can get a bite to eat at the beloved Pirate Life brewery in Port Adelaide.  

The state-of-the-art kitchen development, which kicked off in June 2021, is in its final stages of completion and is set to bolster Port Adelaide’s dynamic hospitality scene.

Pirate Life’s new kitchen spans a respectable seventy metres squared, which can be viewed openly from the venue’s beer garden. Its central point is an impressive 5×1.5m fire pit roaring away as it scorches smoky treats.

“We’ve had a lot of success with our outdoor fire pit, and we wanted to build one for the new space too,” says Pirate Life’s Head Chef, Rocky Oliveira.

“It’s a big industrial piece that’s hyper versatile. As far as the set-up goes, I haven’t seen anything like it before and it’s great that punters get a front-row seat.”

The new menu is far from typical brewery feeds, with Rocky describing the food offerings as a “kaleidoscope of colours and flavours that caters to a wide variety of tastes.”

“Out of the twenty-six menu items, half are vegetarian, and we’d love to keep exploring that side of things,” says Rocky.

Chow down on crispy garlic leeks or mushroom arancini while kicking back in the beer garden.

“You can also grab a scotch fillet and a bottle of red (after a couple of beers of course!) and we’ve kept a few venue classics on, like the Mayura Beef Burger and Mushroom Arancini with Truffle Aioli,” says Rocky.

The famous Chicken Katsu Sando is also making its return to Pirate Life’s new menu – an absolute must-try for brewery-goers.

“A few people are pretty happy about,” says Rocky.

Pirate Life beers are tastefully represented in the dishes too, with olives marinated in the brewery’s IIPA, South Coast Pale Ale

 “The olives are marinated in IIPA, there’s Acai and Passionfruit jelly on the parfait and South Coast Pale Ale in the fish batter – to mention a few.

“We love using our beer in the kitchen, and creating that harmony between both menus was a big one for us,” says Rocky.

“In a nut shell, the offering is fresh, light and ideal for sharing. That’s how we love to eat, and we wanted the menu to be an authentic representation of that. It will continue to grow and evolve…we’re very proud of it.”

Pirate Life’s Head of Hospitality Katie van de Merwe said she’s excited to see the kitchen development evolve from its humble beginnings.

“Watching the venue grow and change over the past few years has been pretty epic. When we launched the food truck in late 2019, it blew our minds how quickly that part of the business grew, so we had to start thinking about the next project,” says Katie.

“Fast forward 24 months and it’s all coming together with our gorgeous new kitchen and beer garden space. We’ve been working on our service style and offer for months now, too, and this ties it all together.”

Katie says the new space and dining offerings will add another level to Pirate Life’s already outstanding brewery experience – something arguably missing fro the Port Adelaide locale.

“I’m proud we’re able to play our part in the growth of Port Adelaide and this wonderful community,” says Katie.

Pirate Life’s new menu is available 7 days a week from 11 am. Now, who’s hungry?!

Find Pirate Life Brewing at 18 Baker St, Port Adelaide SA 5015

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