Plan The Ultimate Team Building Retreat In Port Lincoln

Team building retreats can be a chore to plan, and a chore to attend… unless you start to think outside of the box and outside of the city.


Team building retreats can be great for your office communication, confidence and camaraderie! But they are not easy to plan! That said, there a few things that clear the mind like getting out of the city and surrounding yourself with sparkling water, open spaces and fresh air.

Port Lincoln is a very short, 30 minute flight from Adelaide and an increasingly popular destination for short, team building retreats. So we spoke to the team at Port Lincoln Hotel, who know their stuff inside and out, for their suggestions for what you really need to consider to make the most of your retreat, to let the benefits just flow through your office!

1.Choose a Meeting Space/Venue with a View
It’s no coincidence that the worlds biggest and most successful companies all operate out of “green” office spaces having understood its impact on employee’s productivity and cognitive function long ago. On average, workers experience a 30% increase in creative knowledge, productivity and happiness in a work environment filled with greenery, natural light and open plan spaces. The Port Lincoln Hotel is located on the foreshore of Boston Bay, offering panoramic ocean views and floor to ceiling windows in all of their function spaces – and at just a short 30 minute flight from Adelaide – its an ideal location to invigorate and draw the best from your employees.
Port Lincoln Hotel
Port Lincoln Hotel
2. Plan a loose agenda
Ensure there is time for breaks so employees can revive themselves with a walk on the beach or a coffee break to catch up on emails. The Parnkalla Trail in Port Lincoln is one of the states most picturesque, running straight past the Port Lincoln Hotel and meandering along the coastline, the trail passes a number of beautiful secret beaches, popular fishing spots and untouched flora and fauna. The foreshore in Port Lincoln is a bustling little street with coffee shops a plenty – grab your laptop and set yourself up while watching the world go by. Your staff will come back feeling refreshed and ready for the next task.

Port Lincoln Hotel
3. Think of outside the box team building activities
Team building can often evoke feelings of dread with unpleasant memories of those out-dated “icebreaker” activities residing in most of us. While traditional activities still have their place and are likely to be included in your agenda – sprinkle in a couple activities specific to the destination – like Shark Cage Diving which can only be experienced in Cape Town, South Africa and Port Lincoln, Australia. There’s nothing like ticking off a bucket list item as a team, making memories that will last a lifetime. Alternatively, learn something new with your team with a Seafood Cooking Class – each learning how to prepare and cook the famous Eyre Peninsula Seafood…before sampling it with a glass of local wine of course! Having an onsite photographer to document the trip is also a great idea and perfect footage for the slideshow at the next Christmas party.

Port Lincoln Hotel

4. Keep them well fed
There’s nothing like a delicious meal and glass of wine to help evoke relaxation and further gel your team. The Eyre Peninsula is famous for producing world class seafood and the Executive Chef at The Port Lincoln Hotel sure knows how to cook it. Indulge in Seafood Feast, served on the hotel’s unique pool deck, transformed for the evening into an enchanting, bohemian space with the sparkling ocean views of Boston Bay as the backdrop. The perfect end to a perfect trip.
Port Lincoln HotelPort Lincoln Hotel
So, start thinking outside of the box. Port Lincoln Hotel is located 1 Lincoln Hwy. To find out more information about the packages they offer, visit their website.

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