Plan Your Escape: Five Must See Tips To Master Escape Hunt

Will you get out in time…?

We hope you have your thinking hats on! This day out isn’t for the faint of heart… or the slow of mind. We got ourselves down to Escape Hunt Adelaide to try out first hand if we’re the clever cookies (and Adelaide experts) that we think we are. And we have some hot tips (don’t panic we won’t give away the good stuff!) for making it out alive.

Number One- Be strong at the bar. Probably our favourite fact about Escape Hunt Adelaide is that they have a bar. Wahoo. Prayers answered! But here’s the important part: don’t hit it first. Or at least don’t hit it too hard. We know we think we’re pretty sharp of mind after some SA wine, but the reality is probably to the contrary. Don’t let it be your downfall and instead indulge in their awesome range of beer, wine and cider AFTER you’ve managed to escape. But one beforehand can’t hurt, right? Oh and you don’t need to be going to play in one of the rooms to head up to the bar and enjoy a drinks. FYI they have an amazing collection of boardgames at this place too!

Number Two- Read up on your SA history. With three different rooms themed specifically to South Australian stories, a little general knowledge about our great state won’t go astray. We’re not saying you have to be a fully fledged historian by any means, but knowing a thing or two about the brilliant Barossa wine region, the characters who’ve graced Adelaide Zoo and some true SA crime might help your cause. We can’t say anymore than that! We’ve been sworn to secrecy!

Number Three- Don’t think that the allocated 60 minutes of escape time is plenty… An hour is forever to escape a little room, right? Wrong. These specific mysteries are designed to have you guessing right up to the end. Keep your pace up and your thinking cap on!

Number Four- Select your team carefully. Much like the Breakfast Club or Sex and The City it’s important to have a range of people who are good at different things (always have a Samantha… perhaps you can flirt your way out?). There are different tasks across the mystery that need different skill sets to master. We’re talking riddles, mathmatics, logic, puzzles. If you’re all the Carrie, you probably won’t get anywhere.

Number Five- Think outside the box. It’ll help you get outside the box. Everything isn’t always what it first seems. Collect the important bits of solved clues and don’t lose them, they’ll help you on your journey. They may also take on a new meaning as time ticks on. (We’re so annoyingly cryptic aren’t we?)

But that’s all we can say! You wouldn’t want us to ruin the surprises now would you? This is an amazingly fun way to spend an afternoon for those of all skill levels. You by no means have to be a genius to escape, but hey if you’re Einstein it may certainly help! It’s great for team bonding (that’s why we love it for birthdays, hens parties or work functions) but also an awesome way to have a laugh with your group. Trust us, you may need that drink afterwards to calm the nerves!

We hope we’ve helped you master the Escape Hunt, may the force be with you…. oh no wait, wrong story.

Escape Hunt Adelaide
(08) 8223 7770

Level 3, 133 Rundle Mall (enter via Twin Street), Adelaide

Monday – Saturday [10am – 10pm]
Sunday [11am – 10pm]

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