Planning Your Big Day With A Minimum Of Fuss

Planning Your Big Day With A Minimum Of Fuss

When it comes to planning your big day, you should be free to focus on what matters most to you with the peace of mind knowing that experts have not only walked you through the finer details of your day, but they have all the big stuff covered.


Where do we even begin to talk about weddings? In fact, that nicely sums up the dilemma that any couple face when it comes to planning: where do you begin?

Quite often, the starting point is family. A wedding might be a very personal occasion, but for many it’s also a celebration of two families coming together. Sorting that guest list can become the most important guide to begin to appreciate the task that’s before you; not only creating a day that fulfills all of your dreams but is a fitting occasion for everyone involved.

With this hurdle overcome (and never mind the tiny tweaks to come before the invitations go out), the order to follow isn’t so important, just that everything gets covered: Apparel, Flowers, Stationary, Ceremony, Reception, Rehearsal, Bonbonniere, Food and Drink, Photography, Rings, Honeymoon, Transport, Make-Up, Hair and so forth…

There’s a good reason why people seek out experts to assist, and especially when it comes to planning on a large scale, experienced advice is indispensable. For some this means heading to numerous Expos, reading dozens of magazines, making endless phone calls to research and piecing everything together patiently like a jigsaw puzzle. While that can be a rewarding experience in itself, it’s a lot of energy to expend worrying about details for everyone else when you could be narrowing your focus on the details that really matter to you about the big day.

Festival Functions
This is a scenario that Larry Dichiera and his team at Festival Functions Centre discuss on a daily basis. Family is at the heart of their every consideration when it comes to planning. Being a family run business, that’s unavoidable. When you’ve literally helped thousands of couples celebrate matrimony, you begin to know how a thing or two about how an event should run. You might also know a couple of suppliers who can assist in adding personable details to the occasion, while smoothing out those anxious moments that come when you’re picking your menu, your drinks, arranging your tables, setting them, planning your entertainment, your transport, your bonbonniere… again, we could continue.

In keeping with the ever-evolving trends of the wedding landscape, Festival Functions have also recently set about re-imagining their packages. Simply put, they truly do want to cater to all tastes. From recent partnerships with the likes of McLaren Vale artisans Down The Rabbit Hole Wines to honing their own catering menu to make sure that all the second cousins, the aunties and family from overseas are looked after. They’ve got a history of awards for externally catering, let alone for the events they host themselves.

We keep coming back to family here, but this team’s aim is to sit down with you when you join him like you’re family and personally walk you through every detail. And because of their close ties with suppliers across Adelaide, they will negotiate for you to get the best deal possible. When you’ve shared some relationships for close to 60 years, you can usually pull a few strings.

Festival Functions
Festival Functions Festival Functions One of the realities of the modern wedding industry is that couples have more choice than ever. You can get married on a beach front dressed as Storm Troopers and nobody would blink an eye nowadays. Larger wedding caterers know this as well as anyone, but when it boils down to it, if everyone who attends is happy, the chance are that the bride and groom will have an incredible day as well. There are quite a few businesses in Adelaide who know a thing or two about events. But not all of them know about family quite like Festival Functions.

For more information, be sure to visit Festival Functions website, follow them on Facebook or make time to visit their beautiful centre at 292 Findon Rd to have a chat to them about ALL of the options they have available.

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