Plans to build four Earthship Eco Homes near Goolwa unveiled

Plans to build four more Earthships eco homes near Goolwa have been lodged. See what’s in store here.

Plans are underway to expand the renowned Earthship Eco Homes, with its latest addition set to grace Currency Creek. The four charming tourist cabins promise to bring a blend of sustainable living and natural beauty to 31 Frome Road.

These tiny, eco-friendly havens, boast a snug 65m2 layout and promise guests an unforgettable stay in a self-sufficient, off-grid oasis.

Among these eco-retreats, one will be thoughtfully designed for accessibility, ensuring that all guests can take in the serenity of their surroundings. Whether you’re seeking a brief respite or a longer stay, each cabin invites you to explore your culinary skills in the well-appointed kitchenette, unwind in the spacious lounge area, or bask in the warmth of the paved sunroom. And fear not for your slumber, for the cozy bedroom tucked away on a mezzanine floor promises a solid night’s rest.

But that’s not all! Alongside these cozy accommodations, expect to find flourishing orchards, a vegetable patch, and a specialised horticultural shed primed for the preparation of fresh produce.

Dr. Martin Freney initiated Earthship Eco Homes with the aim of introducing energy-efficient, and water-efficient eco homes to Australia. Dr Freney has crafted numerous Earthship designs across the country, with designs spanning Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, and South Australia. Holding licenses as a Building Designer and Industrial Designer, he also boasts a PhD focused on Earthships.

You can find Earthships in Ironbank, Goolwa, Inman Valley, Willunga. The Ironbank project stands as Australia’s inaugural council-approved Earthship. Constructed predominantly by 25 enthusiastic volunteers, the off-grid home has since transformed into an Airbnb destination, offering guests the opportunity to experience its unique charm and perhaps kindle their own aspirations to build an Earthship.

Each home is constructed with natural and recyclable materials, incorporating solar and thermal systems for regulating indoor temperature, achieving energy, water, and sewage treatment self-sufficiency. Additionally, it promotes construction methods easily mastered by amateur builders, such as “tyre pounding.”

The homes aim to minimise environmental impacts throughout the lifecycle of the building and encourage sustainable behaviours among occupants while trying to alleviate the financial strain of utility bills associated with energy and water consumption.

For more information about Earthship Eco Homes, click here.

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