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Poderosa’s authentic Colombian flavours hit Adelaide Central Market’s Producer in Residence stand

Poderosa, run by two Colombians passionate about their national cuisine, joins Adelaide Central Market as their latest Producer in Residence.

The Adelaide Central Market, has launched its latest Producer in Residence to its foodie hub, bringing Poderosa on board the program. This culinary initiative allows emerging local producers and eateries to showcase their offerings directly to the public.

Situated at the North West Grote Street entrance, next to O’Connell’s Meats, the Producer in Residence stall rotates its occupants regularly, each bringing a unique taste to the market’s bustling environment.

Poderosa, a venture started by two Colombians passionate about their national cuisine, takes centre stage for three weeks. The name ‘Poderosa’ translates to ‘powerful’ in English, a term frequently used in Colombia to describe something particularly delicious. True to their name, they present a menu centred around the Arepa, a traditional Colombian dish known for its delightful simplicity and deep cultural roots.

Their menu features a variety of stuffed Arepas, including options like Extra Cheese, Pulled Beef with Hogao Sauce, Cochinita Pibil (pulled pork), BBQ Chicken, and even Arepas with Chorizo. For those seeking a convenient snack, Poderosa also offers ready-to-heat Empanadas. All their offerings are crafted from traditional recipes, with each item handmade from fresh, high-quality, gluten-free ingredients. The creators of Poderosa assert that the true essence of their Arepas is ‘amor’ – each one made with a profound sense of dedication, creativity, and care.

For both aficionados and newcomers to Colombian cuisine, this residency presents a perfect opportunity to explore a quintessential element of Colombian food culture. The experience offered by Poderosa not only caters to the palate but also extends a cultural bridge to market visitors, enhancing the multicultural tapestry that the Adelaide Central Market is renowned for.

Poderosa will be available at the Producer in Residence Stall every market day until 22 June.

Those interested in exploring the unique flavours that Poderosa brings to the market can find more details on the Adelaide Central Market website at

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