Police Taskforce formed to investigate situation that led to SA lockdown

A taskforce has been formed called Taskforce Protect, to look into the situation relating to contact tracing.

This afternoon, Police Commissioner Grant Stevens held a press conference to address the change in lockdown situation, after a close contact linked to the Woodville Pizza Bar deliberately misled the contact tracing team.

“Had this person been truthful to the contact tracing team, we would not have gone into a six-day lockdown,” said Police Commissioner Grant Stevens.

Stevens addressed that there has been a significant turn of events regarding the lockdown in the past 24 hours.

He said that incorrect information that was provided has been taken very seriously, and as such, they have formed a taskforce called Taskforce Protect, which will look into all of the circumstances relating to the information provided to the contact tracing teams and the circumstances which led to us being in the position we are now so that we can make all proper enquiries.

The task force is made up of 20 crime analysts and senior detectives.

The task force which reports directly to SA Police Assistant Commissioner Peter Harvey, started 2 hours ago and will run until completed.

The task force will report twice daily to Peter, who also spoke to the media, and said he has every confidence that this will get to a prompt result in terms of clarity. He went on to say that due to the high emotion involved in this situation, it’s important that the report is thorough and fair.

As part of the task force, Peter Harvey will be conducting an investigation into the circumstances leading up to information provided to and utilized by SA Health in making decisions in relation to the impact of the directions that have been issued. Harvey said “It’s clear to date that we have a very strong belief that at least one person has not told the truth. The obligation upon me is to investigate that further.”

Harvey finished by saying as this is an operational matter, there’s not much more that he could say, but they will keep us informed as they are able to.

No stone will be left unturned.

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