Pop A Cork! The Champagne Guide 2016-2017 Has Arrived!

Pop A Cork! The Champagne Guide 2016-2017 Has Arrived!

The internationally-acclaimed Champagne guide that bubbly lovers have been waiting for is finally here. We’ll cheers to that!


Champagne lovers rejoice. The fully updated edition of Tyson Stelzer’s internationally acclaimed ‘The Champagne Guide’ has arrived on shelves and online, and contains completely independent assessments, with profiles and ratings, of over 100 Champagne producers – from the smallest growers to the largest houses. The wines have all been reviewed based on current tastings and the notes are accompanied by full colour bottle images.

The 2016–2017 edition features fully updated information on the distinction between houses and producers and how to avoid corked, stale and light struck Champagnes, as well as a new section on vintages. The Champagne Hall of Honour ranks the best producers in Champagne this year and the best champagnes of the year under $60, under $100, under $200, at any price, and the best blanc de blancs, rosé and low-dosage champagnes.

The Champagne Guide tells you everything you need to know about how Champagne is made and how best to buy, open, serve, and store Champagne. This is the ultimate guide for anyone planning a visit to a wine region, or wanting to replenish their cellar.

Sounds like the perfect reason to put together a cheese platter, have some friends over and do some ‘research’ to us!

You can buy your own copy of the guide directly from the author’s personal website, and he can even sign it for you upon request; cheers to that!

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