Pop Up Grass Roots Radio Takes Adelaide By Storm

Adelaide has a new version of ‘pop up’ culture; pop up radio and it has got radio listeners in Adelaide very excited!

Steve Davis

Steve Davis

Adelaide has a new version of ‘pop up’ culture; pop up radio and it has got radio listeners in Adelaide very excited!

This morning, episode 100 of The Adelaide Show podcast has been published, marking 100 consecutive weeks of grass roots media creation focussed on life in South Australia.

Pop up radio? Yes, pop up radio! Basically the presenters Steve Davis and Nigel Dobson-Keeffe, ‘pop up’ on site with their weekly guests to interview them and then shoot a promotional video for each episode. The site is generally somewhere relevant or of interest to the weekly guest.

‘This week we recorded in the foyer of the Palace Nova Cinema complex because guest, Fernando Gros, who spends half his time in Adelaide and half in Tokyo considers the cinema a temple for his creative inspiration,’ says podcast founder and executive producer, Steve Davis.

With a supporting social media community of 3,000 and the show achieving downloads between 500-1000 per episode, The Adelaide Show podcast is attracting a who’s who of South Australia.

‘It might be pity, it might be curiosity, but either way we love the fact that all bar one South Australian approached to give up 2 hours of their life to be part of our show has said yes,’ notes Steve Davis.

‘What participants seem to enjoy is how we make them the third presenter for the episode they’re in, taking part in our historical South Australian news trivia game, the Adelaide Visa Council and the weekly wine tasting to name the South Australian Drink Of The Week in the name of our late patron, Queen Adelaide.

‘We don’t chase celebrities or high profile people, we actually seek South Australians with stories that interest us personally because, after all, this is a ‘hobby’ so I never want it to become a grind like my days in radio when you were often told who to interview, like it or not,’ he says.

With an impressive list of guests having already appeared on the show, here is a little look at who The Adelaide Show has chatted to:

  • Former Adelaide Lord Mayor, Stephen Yarwood
  • Current Adelaide Lord Mayor, Martin Haese
  • Political commentators, Annabel Crabb and Bryan Dawe
  • Journalists and media (TV, print, radio), Graeme Goodings, Paul Makin, Keith Conlon, Samela Harris, Cosi, Andrew Reimer, Bob Francis, Sean Craig Murphy
  • Art industry people, Ingrid Kellenbach, Andrew Baines, Wayne Groom
  • International guests, Bruce Kulick, Professor Peter Boghossian, Andy Zaltzmann
  • Foodies, Catherine Barnett, Amanda McInerney, Sharon Sutton (Kytons Bakery), Rilka Warbanoff, Tom Williamson
  • Business and entrepreneurs, Andrew Andrews, Rick Carter, Joe Noone, Kristina Dryza, Kelly Noble, Matt Clemow
  • Professionals, Paul Gordon, Alexandra Frost, Rebecca Rossi, Naomi Hutchings, Prof Dr Gary Wittert, Professor Brian Freeman, Prab Takhar (SAHMRI)
  • Politicians, Martin Hamilton-Smith, Leesa Vlahos

Weekly editorials are provided by In Daily editor, David Washington, Fitness Australia board member and co-owner of iNform Health and Fitness Solutions, Max Martin, and self-confessed policy wonk, George Inglis.

Nigel Dobson Keefe

Nigel Dobson Keefe

‘Our contributors give important depth and flavour to each week’s show,’ says Steve Davis.

‘We’re humbled by their participation and also the very real support of Andrew Reimer and Liz McCaskill from FIVEaa and Jenny Hurley from The Hurley Group, for helping to open doors for us.

‘Apart from that, it is a labour of love in our spare time, with no funding from any sources other than help covering running costs provided by my niche coffee brand, Baristador Coffee.

‘I think this form of media complements mainstream media by giving participants and audiences the chance to dive deep into particular topics and styles of entertainment that mass appeal media outlets can’t afford to do.

‘The more who join our pop up culture, the better, because it demands heightened engagement with your community and that has to be better for everyone,’ Steve says.

The weekly podcast comes out Wednesday nights with a promotional video for each program published Wednesday mornings.

The Adelaide Show on Facebook: facebook.com/theadelaideshowpodcast

The Adelaide Show on Twitter: @theadelaideshow


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