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Pop up wine bar Jetty Wine pouring local drops on the Fleurieu

Jetty Wine has popped up on the Fleurieu, a wine bar serving local wines and snacks in a relaxed, beach bar atmosphere.

A new a wine bar has emerged on the Fleurieu coastline: Jetty Wine, which blends local producers, sustainability, and coastal charm in a relaxed beachside setting.

The pop-up wine bar is located at the rear of Jetty Food Store in Port Elliot, and owners Sam Rogers and Amber Kennedy have curated a menu featuring a selection of organic, preservative-free South Australian wines.

“There’s a broad range in terms of styles, and I think across regions in South Australia there’s a broad representation there, but in terms of products themselves it is limited, because it is a pretty close-knit community of people who do farm in this way, working only with organic fruit and producing wines without any additives whatsoever,” Sam says.

The rustic interior of Jetty Wine features mismatched chairs and bar stool seating in a covered courtyard, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. The open front allows sunlight through, making it an ideal spot for people to unwind with a drink in hand.

The space is a relaxed, beach bar experience, welcoming guests to come in with sandy feet and bring their kids along.

“We are very passionate about the things we are serving and we want everyone to feel welcome. We just really want it to be for everyone. We are really passionate about service as well; we love a more casual wine bar setting that is accompanied by really good personable, knowledgeable service,” Amber says.

Having roots in South Australia, Sam expresses a deep connection to the land and the grapes grown locally, igniting a passion for wines that reflect the purity and essence of their origins.

“Drinking wines made like this is a real purity and there is a connection between where the land and the grapes are grown on. They can be delicate wines that really suit my palate as well, but they are finessed, they are uninhibited, it is a style of wine we are deeply passionate about,” he says.

“The people behind the wines as well, a lot of them are friends, and it’s a wonderful community to be a part of. It’s a real joy to participate in a community of like-minded people who are working in this way and it’s a joy to serve them.”

Amber, originally from the UK, shares this sentiment, and highlights the joy of participating in a community of like-minded individuals who prioritise sustainable practices.

“It is so important to celebrate things that are made locally in a very sustainable way. It’s how we live and we want to share that with people down here in a local setting, smaller community, and bring these items from friends and talented people we know directly to people who otherwise might not have access to them,” she says.

Sam and Amber share a background of working in venues that celebrate sustainable food and wine, including the Public Wine Shop in Melbourne where they met.

“We have been working in venues that have been celebrating food and wine made in this way for a long time, and it’s something we’re really passionate about,” Amber says.

“We wanted to continue working with these wines because they have such expression. We’ve met the people behind the wines through drinking in this way and by attending tastings. We have this connection with the person that has this connection to the land.”

“Its great to be able to work closely with people and showcase those wines and what they’re doing.”

Their commitment to sustainability flows through to their bar snacks, including classic options such as salami, cheeses, olives, and tinned fish sourced from sustainable producers, ensuring a nourishing and filling experience that complements the wines.

“We want to eat food that is good for the environment and good for people to consume, we extend that same philosophy to the things we drink as well,” Amber says.

Jetty Wine is open over the Summer period and they are likely to expand their opening hours throughout the busier part of Summer.

WHAT: Jetty Wine.
WHERE: 42 North Terrace, Port Elliot SA, 5212.
WHEN: Friday 4pm-9pm, Saturday 2pm-9pm, Sunday 2pm-8pm.

Find Jetty Wine on Instagram.

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