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Popular Adelaide cafe & wine bar ‘Community’ closes its doors

The closure of Community Café & Bar at Lot Fourteen has been announced, with a hunt for new tenants underway.

Popular local spot, Community Café & Bar, has announced that today, 7 June 2024, will be its last day of operation. This news was delivered to tenants at Lot Fourteen by the Lot Fourteen Engagement Team. Since its opening in 2021, Community has become a celebrated part of the city’s dining and social scene. Housed in the historic Sheridan Kiosk, the venue had carved out a niche as both a daytime café and an evening wine bar.

Located in the heart of Lot Fourteen, an area known for its innovative district atmosphere, Community quickly became a preferred meeting place for both tenants and visitors. Its unique octagonal shape and prime location on North Terrace made it not just a café or a bar, but a central hub for social interaction in the burgeoning area. The venue was renowned for serving morning coffee, wholesome lunches during the day, and transforming into a lively wine bar in the evenings.

The closure announcement has been met with disappointment by both regular patrons and casual visitors. The Lot Fourteen Engagement Team conveyed their gratitude towards the Community team for their significant contribution over the past three years. “We thank the Community team and staff for being such a key partancement over the past three years,” the message stated, acknowledging the role the venue played in enriching the Lot Fourteen district.

Efforts are already underway to fill the void left by Community’s departure. The Lot Fourteen project team is currently in the process of securing a new food and beverage tenant for the Sheridan Kiosk. Although the identity of the new tenant has yet to be announced, the project team has assured that more information will be shared in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, Lot Fourteen tenants and visitors won’t be left without options for their daily coffee or lunch needs. The Good Neighbour Deli, situated on the ground floor of the Bice Building within Lot Fourteen, will continue to operate. Their opening hours are from 8:00am to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday, providing coffee and take-away food services.

The closure of Community signifies the end of a short but memorable chapter in Adelaide’s café and bar scene. The engagement team and project managers at Lot Fourteen remain optimistic about the future, ready to introduce a fresh face to Adelaide’s vibrant community and carry forward the legacy of the venue.

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