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Popular Adelaide pizza chain shuts all three locations

It is the end of an era for beloved Adelaide pizzeria, Hey Bianca, as they have quietly shut the doors to their three locations this week.

It is the end of an era for beloved Adelaide pizzeria, Hey Bianca, after they shut the doors to their three locations this week. As a staple for locals and visitors for years, the sudden closure of Hey Bianca has caused Adelaide’s dining scene to take another uncalled-for hit.

After opening the CBD location in 2017, Hey Bianca went on to have additional locations in West Beach and Brighton. Now, all three of the restaurants and the online delivery service have been marked as permanently closed on Google, and their website and social media pages have all been shut down.

Hey Bianca became a household name for their Napoli and Sicilian-style pizzas, the three-day fermentation process of their dough, and an efficient home delivery service facilitated through their app. Hey Bianca quickly cemented themselves as one of SA’s favourite pizzerias, who were bringing innovation to the industry and pushing the boundaries.

After opening their flagship store on Pulteney Street, West Beach Road welcomed a seaside location a short 50 metres from the beach. Then, a third store with the classic bright orange exterior on Brighton Road. Alongside all of this, Hey Bianca even had a pizza bus operating out of a creative space at Somerton Park, where the community had access to the pizzas outside of the CBD for the first time.

Amidst challenging times, the closure of Hey Bianca marks another sad day for Adelaide’s hospitality industry. As interest rates continuously rise and operational costs escalate, businesses are finding it harder to stay open during this cost of living crisis.

Already this year we have seen a long list of venues close. This familiar story seems to be on repeat as business after business announces their forthcoming closure.

After 17 years well-known Italian restaurant Martini on the Parade in Adelaide’s east announced their closure this past May. April saw the renowned Clare Valley restaurant, Terroir Auburn, shut up shop after 11 years in business. In February, Port Adelaide’s Folklore Cafe and Little Banksia Tree in Plant 3 Bowden, both announced their respective permanent closures.

The constant stream of announcements serves as an evident reminder that small businesses need our ongoing support. So next time you’re thinking of grabbing a meal or coffee, put your money behind your favourite locally-owned venues because every dollar counts.

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