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Popular SA supermarket to use GPS trackers to combat shoplifting in Australian first

South Australian supermarket Drakes has implemented GPS trackers on its luxury meat products to combat the rising rates of theft.

A prominent South Australian supermarket chain, Drakes, is adopting advanced technology in its effort to combat a surge in shoplifting.

In a pioneering move for the Australian retail sector, Drakes has announced its intention to deploy GPS trackers on its meat products – a prime target for thieves. The initiative follows similar trials conducted in UK stores for the past few years.

Drakes, which operates 67 stores across South Australia and Queensland, plans to utilise high-tech GPS technology to monitor the movement of expensive and high-quality meat items, which are among the most frequently stolen products.

Notably, premium items such as Wagyu beef will be placed within containers equipped with the GPS trackers. Should a customer attempt to leave the store without proper payment, alarms will be triggered.

Instances of shoplifting have seen perpetrators attempting to steal up to 38 items at a time, highlighting the need for enhanced security measures within the retail environment.

The GPS tracking technology is currently undergoing trials in two South Australian stores, with the intention of expanding its implementation to additional locations in the state in the coming months.

Drakes has gained a reputation for its proactive stance against shoplifting, with Director J.P. Drake maintaining a social media presence under the handle @shake.and.drake. The platform is often used to publicly identify and call out thieves, often sharing surveillance footage and encouraging community involvement in identifying offenders.

The GPS-tracking initiative aligns with broader efforts within the retail sector to address the challenges posed by shoplifting and maintain the integrity of the industry.

Data from comparison website Finder highlights the prevalence of shoplifting across Australia, with cost of living and financial stress cited as a contributing factor.

According to a survey of over 1,000 respondents, 12% admitted to engaging in shoplifting over the past year, reflecting the pressures of rising living costs on individuals and households.

For more information about Drakes Supermarkets, head here.

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