Massive book and furniture sale as ‘Once and Again Book Cafe’ closes its doors

Once and Again owner Judy Forbes says that a difficult past few years and a focus on spending time with family had led to her making the decision to close.

Plympton’s popular ‘Once and Again Book Cafe‘ will be selling books, furniture plus their delicious coffee from 9am to 1pm this Saturday 31 December and Wednesday 4 January after the owner decided to call it quits.

Judy Forbes who started the cafe and has been there for close to eight years says that one of the prized items for sale over the two days is her book called ‘Fulfilling Dreams and Ambitions.’

“It’s largely based on a number of blogs of how the cafe started as a dream leading to the vision, planning, action, eventual opening and leading through the Covid year (lots of blood sweat and tears in between),” Judy says.

“We are selling everything that’s left including cafe furniture and equipment as well as other books including self help, personal development and specialist children books.

Judy says that a difficult past few years and a focus on spending time with family had led to her making this tough decision.

“After much consideration, it’s time to say goodbye to ‘Once & Again’,” Judy says.

“There is a huge mixture of emotions to this change but we are so excited for the next chapter and what the future holds.

“I wanted to get to a decade but I now have two young grandchildren that I want to spend time with and

I might look to do some study as well, I want to retain the business name open so we’ll see what happens.

“Like a lot of other businesses, the last three years has taken its toll and after opening and closing the past five years, I didn’t want to keep doing that so it’s the universes way of hopefully opening other doors in the future.

“We are so thankful for all your kindness, love and support over the almost 8 years.

“We are so grateful to every single person who has crossed our path.”

‘Once & Again’ was a much loved book café with second-hand and new health, well being, leisure and lifestyle books and gifts, where you could enjoy great coffee and snacks at reasonable prices.

They supported the local and wider community of artists, authors, musicians and photographers.

Art and photographic exhibits and events including Fringe and SALA were hosted at the cafe. Their motto was to make customers happy and help those in need, wanting customers to visit not just ‘once’ but ‘again’.

In November, they changed to an exclusive event and workshop venue/space however they have now decided to close altogether with the lease finishing on 9 January 2023.

Make sure to send your love over on Once & Again’s Facebook.


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