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Port Elliot Bakery reveal epic new donut of the month flavour

The popular donut champions have revealed their donut of the month for August and its a chocoholic sensation: the Milo and Kit Kat donut.

Images: Port Elliot Bakery.

The undisputed donut champions of Adelaide, Port Elliot Bakery, have announced their much anticipated Donut of the Month for August: and its the epic Milo and Kit Kat collaboration you never knew you needed. 

Filled with a dollop whipped Milo cream, the sugary sweet doughnut is topped with a deliciously rich chocolate icing, a drizzle of dark chocolate syrup and broken up Kit Kat pieces. 

This is the first time the team at Port Elliot have used confectionary favourite Kit Kat in one of their epic donut creations, having previously invented a monster Milo Malteaser donut two years ago. 

August’s Donut of the Month needed to be a true showstopper after hugely popular June and July Donut flavours flying off the shelves at Port Elliot Bakery: peanut butter and jelly and a biscoff spectacular. 

After a challenging lockdown period without their infamously long queues round the block, the team at Port Elliot bakery said the area felt like a ghost town, but aimed to lift the spirits of local customers and essential workers who visited for their iconic Crusty Sourdough Artisan Bread and Griffiths coffee. 

As well as a brand spanking new Donut of the Month, the Port Elliot Bakery kitchen is also whipping up a Pie of the Month which, for August, is a warming Vegan Curry Pie, filled with hearty vegetables and a delicious coconut curry flavour. 

Both the Milo Kit Kat Donut and the Vegan Curry Pie are available from August 1. 

The Milo Kit Kat will set you back $6.50

The Vegan Curry Pie will set you back $5.95. 

Find Port Elliot Bakery at 31 North Terrace, Port Elliot. 

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