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Port Elliot Bakery’s January donut of the month brings a fruity refreshing start to 2022

Port Elliot Bakery’s January donut of the month is starting 2022 with a fresh flavour that is sure to make you hit the road down to the Fleurieu Peninsula.

All images: Port Elliot Bakery

The iconic Port Elliot Bakery is kicking off the new year with a fruity start.

Their January donut of the month is starting 2022 with a fresh flavour that is sure to make you hit the road down to the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Introducing their mesmerising mango cheesecake donut with bursts of passionfruit, crushed biscuits and toasted flaked almonds.

We have tasted this one ourselves and can confirm, it’s just as delicious as it looks.

The creamy mango layer between the doughy donut oozes with delight. The passionfruit topping brings another fruity element that complements the sweet treat without overpowering the other elements.

The crushed biscuits and toasted almonds add an exciting crunch that does not go unnoticed and brings together all the flavours of this mouthwatering donut.

The monthly donuts are always a highlight of the month for people in SA and this time, Port Elliot Bakery has not let us down.

This indulgent treat is worlds away from December’s Christmassy creation of brandy snap gingerbread with a Brandy custard centre topped with crushed ginger spiced biscuits, finished with a gingerbread Lindt; however, it proves how the bakery can master all variation and combos.

As well as the monthly donut, Port Elliot Bakery also have monthly pie specials. This month, it’s a delicious offering of BBQ chicken. The hot fresh delight begs to be devoured with crispy golden pastry encompassing the gooey goodness inside.

The new January flavours are worth the road trip to the coast where visitors are treated to the pristine shores of the Port Elliot beaches. The Port Elliot Bakery has long been an institution, attracting impressive line-ups for the monthly creations.

Although guests of the bakehouse can potentially expect to queue for their treats, everyone knows that once the sugary goodness hit their taste buds, the wait was well worth it. Patience is a virtue – and it’s definitely worth it for these bakery goods!

The pastry guns at Port Elliot Bakery will be slinging both the mango cheesecake donut and BBQ chicken pie only in January, so get in quick to taste these epic flavour creations.

Port Elliot Bakery is located at 31 North Terrace, Port Elliot, SA.

You can keep up to date with Port Elliot Bakery on Facebook and Instagram and find out more through its website.

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