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Pour your own Honey at Gumeracha’s hidden gem, the Peregrine Store

The Peregrine Store is home to all that is “Well Thought and Well Made”. The store includes a pour your own Honey station.

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They don’t make things the way they used to: handcrafted, made to last, and handed down through the generations. We may own many possessions in our lifetime, but the items that leave a profound impact on us are the ones that remind us of a time – or person – long past.

The Peregrine Store, nestled in the Northern Adelaide Hills, is a family-owned gem looking to cultivate all that is authentic, nostalgic, and holds the potential to make memories for the future.

“We recently moved Peregrine into the town’s original General Store, which had been vacant for over 30 years,” said Owner, Jessie Zarubin.

“We had 30 days to renovate our space and spent over 700 hours stripping paint and scrubbing floors to not only renovate, but restore, many of the shop’s original features.”

Established in November 2019, the store was birthed in the midst of the Black Summer bushfires, and mere months before COVID hit. Despite the challenges faced by small, regional businesses in this day and age, the unique store has thrived in its Gumeracha location.

“Peregrine seems to be the kind of place that has naturally (and surprisingly) brought all kinds of people together,” Jessie said.

“It’s for the person who wants to reconnect and be present – getting off screen time and back to basics.”

For the past couple years, the Peregrine Store has carefully curated its inventory to reflect its Well Thought, Well Made store motto.

“Our focus is on products that are made by small makers and heritage brands – pieces that are made with purpose and intent, designed to last and be passed down through generations,” Jessie said.

“Each piece in the shop is chosen with purpose – a way to work a new skill or encourage people to get back to basics and get outdoors.

“We carry bespoke camping and picnic rugs, lanterns and enamelware, whittling and scrimshaw kits from small makers, as well as fire pit BBQs and all the tools you might need to cook over the fire.

“[We carry] gardening books and products, nature watching guides with bird calls hand made in France, and everything you need to get into making sourdough.

“We also have a BYO jar station to pour your own honey, which is from our local beekeeper Aristaeus Farms. We stock 52 small makers and brands from around the world, with 32 of those Australian.”

If these stone and emerald green walls could talk, they would say that the Peregrine Store represents everything people want to get back to – simplicity. To living. To family. To their history. To a time long past, but still living in the hearts of Gumeracha locals.

“Often we have customers that pick up a tartan blanket or Stanley thermos and they reminisce to their friends how they remember these pieces from their grandparents when they were little and I just love hearing that so much,” said Jessie.

“It’s evoking a memory of times past when pieces were designed to last, and I hope that our generation starts to lean back into that.”

While the Peregrine Store has nestled into the hearts of locals, it’s undeniable that Gumeracha now has a place in Jessie’s heart too.

“My husband and I moved to the Adelaide Hills with our two small kids from Sydney to support my parents on their farm as dad was unwell,” said Jessie.

“I was on maternity leave from my job as a mental health nurse, and there was a shop front in the town that has been vacant for years.

“I figured it would be a great way to invest in the town and meet the community, while giving me flexibility if I needed to be home and close by for my family.

“My background is retail and mental health nursing, and Peregrine is the place where the two collide.”

Find the Peregrine Store at 22A Albert Street, Gumeracha SA 5233.

See more on the Peregrine Store website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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