Prancing Pony's Award Winning Brewer Takes On Dry Lake Race

Prancing Pony’s Award Winning Brewer Takes On Dry Lake Race

Frank Samson swaps beers for motorbikes this week as part of the annual Speed Week.


A lively discussion around the Stammtisch (German for ‘regular table’ – a special table reserved for the regulars) at an Adelaide Hills Brewshed has spurred the Head Brewer to take on speed racing on a salt lake.

Prancing Pony Brewery’s Head Brewer, Frank Samson, is participating in the Dry Lake Race, Lake Gairdner, on his beloved Royal Enfield.

Held from February 27-March 3 in South Australia, the Dry Lake Race is one of the few places in the world where you can go flat out on a salt lake for 12 miles.

“There are a few motorbike enthusiasts who frequent the Stammtisch and one day we were discussing the movie The World’s Fastest Indian,” says Frank.

“The movie is a story of a man who rebuilds his 1920 Indian Motorcycle and races it at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in 1965.

“We all love this movie as it shows individuality and stubbornness, and that perseverance, diligence and a good dose of risk are a recipe for success.

“It’s no different to making good craft beer.

“So I am getting my Royal Enfield ready for Track 2.”

Frank, along with a small team comprising members of the Stammtisch including Mt Barker local, Jon Guidera, will be heading to Lake Gairdner for this month’s annual Speed Week.

Frank will be supported by local Royal Enfield dealer, Motorcycle Revolution.

This is the first time Frank has participated in this challenge however, he will be drawing on his experiences from many years ago racing in Europe, including the two times he rode solo across Africa.

Any success at Lake Gairdner will top off a very successful few months for Frank, having recently won the Supreme Champion (best beer in the world) for his Prancing Pony Brewery India Red Ale at the London International Beer Challenge.

Speed Week is an annual event at Lake Gairdner, South Australia where cars, motorbikes and trucks that comply with the Dry Lake Racing Australia rules and regulations run for one-way speed records. It attracts competitors from all over Australia and around the world to try and go as fast as they can.

The Pony says, “This will be a speedy affair, so I better get the hooves polished and cross them for good luck!”

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