Prelove rent-a-rack shop opens Westlakes location

Prelove has opened a Westlakes location with 40 racks of clothes from local vendors following the success of their Hove store.

Bargain hunters and clothing entrepreneurs now have a new place to buy and sell pre-loved clothing!

Prelove has opened a Westlakes location following the success of their Hove store. The new store opened July 30th with 40 racks of clothes from local vendors that are sure to fly off the rack. 

Located right next to Target, Cotton On and Cibo in the Westfield Shopping Centre, the beautiful store has glass front windows, two-toned wooden floors and neutral walling and counters to make for a rather luxe shopping experience. The location will be open seven days a week at least until the end of the year.

If you’re not familiar, the model of Prelove’s business is that regular people like you and me can become mini clothing shop owners, selling and profiting off the sales of their pre-loved clothes. To purchase a medium stall, it’s $89 and 10% commission of total sales for a week, and large stall is $139 per week plus 10% commission of total sales. Once a stall is set up, rack owners can track sales on app Zellr. 

Store manager Kati says there are benefits to this model in comparison to selling clothes online. 

“There is nothing wrong selling your clothes online, but we are a very busy store and the turnover for the clothes is quick; There is no need to take photos of the clothes or post them to the online customer,” she says. 

The concept also benefits buyers because the clothes, which often include designer and even new items, are sold for a discounted price.

The rent-a-rack structure is sustainable for the environment too. 

“Shopping at Prelove stores is one of the most sustainable ways of shopping, as we don’t buy anything from wholesalers or factories,” Kati says. 

“Prelove potentially saves these clothes from ending up in landfill, and they will get a new life in someone else’s wardrobe. Our clothes have no impact to the environment as everything is recycled.”

Kati says that their tenancy at Westfield Shopping Centre has gotten off to a great start.

“We have had a lot of people who have not heard of us that are coming in, but have also had great support from our loyal customers which we love,” she says. 

“It is great that in a big shopping centre, customers have the option to shop in a more sustainable way at Prelove.”

Find the new location at Shop 317, Westfield Centre, Westlakes. Find the original location at 388 Brighton Road, Hove. 

Find them online here.

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