Premier Jay Weatherill Throws His Support Behind FruChocs Appreciation Day

fruchocs2Premier Jay Weatherill and FruChocs fans across the state are gearing up to celebrate FruChocs Appreciation Day (and NIGHT!) this Friday, 30 August 2013.

After a few cheeky tweets between the Premier and SA’s fave chocolatey icon, FruChocs fans took to social media, encouraging the Premier to grant an official day off to celebrate all things FruChocs! The Premier then followed up with a YouTube video declaring this Friday, 30 August 2013, FruChocs Appreciation Day!

The ‘viral’ video uploaded to YouTube- -shows SA’s Premier talking to the hearts and stomachs of his fellow South Australians and even taking a patriotic stance declaring that “If Melbourne can celebrate a horse race, surely we can take some time to reflect on the significance of these tasty treats. They’re better than anything that comes from across the border.” Paraphrasing Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, the Premier goes on to say, “any boss who sacks a worker for eating FruChocs at work is a bum.”

Of course the tweets and video were tongue in cheek and as much as we wish it were official, it looks like we’ll all still have to show up to work, albeit with FruChocs in hand!

Here are some ideas how YOU can celebrate FruChocs Appreciation Day:

  • The FruChocs Shop (Hahndorf, Glynde, McLaren Vale & online) are offering a full day of festivities with discounts, special offers, face painting, Wallis Cinema movie ticket give-aways, SAFM live crosses from their Glynde store, taste testing, Mr FruChoc and much more!
  • If you are looking to celebrate into the night then The HWY Hotel is the place to be with decadent FruChoc Cocktails and Jenny’s Bakery’s famous FruChoc Cronuts, Mr FruChoc, prizes and give-aways from 5:30pm.
  • Celebrate at home or work with your family, friends and co-workers! Host a special morning or afternoon tea! Get everyone to bring in a FruChocs treat- jump on to and check out all the mouth-watering recipe ideas or get creative in the kitchen and come up with your own!
  • Simply crack open a pack of Menz FruChocs and ENJOY!

Take the Official Oath

“As a member of the FruChocs Appreciation Society, I hereby solemnly pledge to enjoy the amazing taste of FruChocs at every opportunity: at the movies, the footy, a BBQ with friends or even just a sneaky few on the couch at home. I promise to spread the word of their deliciousness and never stray far from the path of chocolatey coated goodness.”

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