Major change for 2025 Adelaide LIV Golf date on the cards

Premier Peter Malinauskas has suggested the 2025 Adelaide LIV Golf should take place in February instead of April to avoid clashing with the US Masters tournament.

In a pivotal decision that may shake up the calendar for one of South Australia’s premier sporting events, Premier Peter Malinauskas has suggested that the 2025 Adelaide LIV Golf event should take place in February, rather than its traditional April slot. This change is being considered to avoid a scheduling clash with the US Masters tournament.

During a press statement on Monday, Premier Malinauskas highlighted the potential risk of adverse weather associated with holding the event later in the year, particularly in May.

“We do not want a golf tournament in May,” he stated, voicing concern over the possibility of rain impacting the event’s success, especially for attendees travelling from both interstate and overseas, emphasising the importance of a reliable schedule free from rain disruptions.

The LIV Golf event in Adelaide has grown substantially, drawing a record attendance of 94,000 people over three days this year at The Grange Golf Club. Noteworthy is the event’s broad demographic appeal, attracting more than 40% of its audience from outside South Australia and attendees from over 30 different countries.

With next year’s US Masters set to commence around the same time as the traditionally scheduled Adelaide golf event in April, moving the LIV Golf to February could present a strategic advantage.

This shift would not only sidestep the direct competition for audience attention but would also likely benefit from more favourable weather conditions, increasing the event’s appeal and comfort for spectators.

Shifting to a February timeline may necessitate some logistical adjustments, including potentially later start times to accommodate the warmer weather typical of South Australian summers.

Additionally, there has been speculation around introducing a women’s competition, which could further expand the event’s reach and inclusivity.

The LIV Golf League, known for its global presence, consists of 14 events in some of the world’s most vibrant cities. Competitors vie for two main titles: the Individual Championship and the Team Championship, adding a substantial competitive edge to the proceedings.

Premier Malinauskas’s proposal to move the Adelaide event to February is still under consideration, with further details expected to be confirmed as discussions progress.

This decision will potentially positively impact the local tourism and hospitality sectors by boosting visitor numbers during a traditionally quieter month and may also set a new precedent for how major sporting events can effectively adapt to global sporting schedules.

As South Australia prepares potentially to host the event in its new slot, stakeholders, including local businesses, tourism operators, and sports enthusiasts, will be watching closely. The premier’s final decision will play a crucial role in shaping the future of this high-profile golfing event.

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