Prepare For Gilles Street Winter Market This Weekend

Prepare For A Huge Winter Market On Gilles Street This Weekend

Markets are better in the Winter. The candles won’t melt and woolly warmers are everywhere. Prepare your purse strings for Gilles Street’s huge Winter Edition.


There are a few practical reasons why markets are simply better in the winter. For starters, the candles don’t melt and after the 40 degree apocalypse of Gilles Street Christmas Market, we must remember the wax we lost so we can truly appreciate the candles of today.

Next, try buying an incredible woolly winter warmer when the weather is right. Simply, your brain says no. And finally, can you imagine anything better than moving in and around the warm and bright bubbly bodies of a market flush with beautiful clothing and design, holding a coffee in hand, a warm crepe in the other, and letting the dog walk your kid? Of course not. It’s just too damn perfect.

This Sunday, the Gilles Street Winter Market will be in full swing, but not only will there be countless stalls of Vintage, Retail Clearance, New Designers and Creative wares, but the Primary School itself has something very special to share. It’s renovations, which have seen the stalls double as a somewhat enjoyable maze in recent times, are finally done. And it’s supposed to look very, very impressive!

Fly to Sydney and head to the Paddington Markets, or head to Melbourne and go on a treasure hunt if you prefer. If you’re not at Gilles Street this Sunday, it simply means there will be more incredible, beautiful, fashionable bargains for the rest of us. And the line at Veggie Velo won’t be quite so long.

A quick tip, for easy parking try South Terrace close to Pulteney Street and enter through rear entrance of the Gilles Street Primary School. It can save many a lap of the Gilles St/Halifax St loop.

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