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Prepping for Theatre cabaret performance combines musical theatre and life as a GP

Adelaide-based GP and musician, Dr. Lane Hinchcliffe is returning to the Adelaide Fringe after a five-year hiatus with his new on demand one-man cabaret show, Prepping for Theatre.

Directed by renowned cabaret artist, Amelia Ryan, the title Prepping for Theatre has a double connotation, blending Dr. Lane’s two passions in life – musical theatre and life as a GP.

“The word theatre has two meanings in my life, so, I thought it was a unique way of presenting a cabaret show that showcases both the medical and the musical theatre aspect,” Dr. Lane said.

“As a performer, you take a bow, go back to your dressing room and what’s left is the real you, the raw you.

“The same thing happens when you go see a doctor, you unveil and the real story comes out. It’s this sort of unmasking that’s the underlying theme of it all.”

The show which is viewed online explores Dr. Lane’s own personal journey with his sexuality growing up. The show ultimately explores the theme of self-acceptance and the fact that we all have our own unique story in life.

“Essentially, this is my life story in a cabaret show,” Dr. Lane said.  

“People see me as Dr. Lane, the adolescent health doctor who can speak to teenagers, but behind that there’s a story of a man who, as a teenager himself, really struggled and didn’t have anyone to talk to at the time.

“As much as the show includes aspects of humour, it really goes deep into my personal story and how my life really changed throughout school, experiencing some pretty bad abuse for being gay.

“Up until 25-years-old, I basically fought to change who I was, until the time came when I realised that I couldn’t, and now I couldn’t be happier.

“This show is honest and raw and I’m hoping that by me telling my story, others can also share theirs and not be afraid to be who they are.”

The entire show is told through a combination of musical theatre songs that all have a relation to Dr. Lane and his story at the time, including tracks from Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon and Jesus Christ Superstar.

All profits made through ticket sales are going towards his own not-for-profit organisation, Community GP, to help develop an online program to support youth mental health.

The show is part of Black Box Live, an all-digital program of eight exclusive fringe shows by award-wining company, Hartstone-Kitney Productions, and will be available on demand to anyone across the globe that wants to buy tickets, throughout the entire Fringe season.

PREPPING FOR THEATRE is showing from Friday February 18 to Sunday March 20.

You can view the show on Demand here.

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