Printmaking and pizza has arrived and we couldn’t be happier

Printmaking and pizza, I mean it sounds like a blast to me.

Being a part of the ‘sip and paint’ generation, it is refreshing to see a new twist on what is now a Sunday brunch staple.

Printmaker Sally Caston has decided to offer a 6 week course that will involve you getting your hands dirty with some prints as well as indulging in pizza.

Caston offers this after hours course as an attempt to best fit busy schedules.

The sessions are not only made to enjoy an evening away from the kids, but to also ignite some creativity that may have been left dormant. Or even if you feel like you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, there is no artistic or creative experience required.

Artistic expression can not only foster a creative mind but also a busy mind as well. It can also serve as catharsis or a release especially if you can been looking for an outlet. The unintimidating nature of these classes encourage those who may want to get out their comfort zone. And who knows, maybe even pick up a new hobby.

“I love seeing people’s confidence bloom as the realisation takes hold, that they too, can be creative. The joy that participants get from taking home their own meaningful piece of linocut art at the end of the day, is a source of great satisfaction for me.” Caston says.

Sally will take you through the methodology of creating your very own print whilst you consume one, two or a few slices of pizza.

The emphasis of the evenings will be the idea of being ‘stress free’. The seemingly fated coupling of art and food has never been turned away, and I don’t think it’s going to start now.

The 6 week course will take place from April 21 from 6pm-8pm. Visit sally_caston on Instagram for more information. Limited places available, booking is essential.

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